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Stazione meteo Peet Ultimeter 100

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Peet Ultimeter 100
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Perhaps you just need a basic weather station – wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature and possibly rainfall. Even so, you have every right to expect that your system will be just as reliable and accurate as the most elaborate top-of-the-line system. Rest assured that our Ultimeter 100 uses the same top-quality sensors, including the incomparable Ultimeter PRO Anemometer, featuring exceptional response in all wind conditions, including very low wind speeds (typical starting threshold 1.5 mph! here's why). It also uses the same great data processing as our renowned 2100 system, including WeatherText® serial data output, and is APRS-ready. A second Serial Data Port connection (new feature) is provided in the Ultimeter 100's sensor junction box, delivering greater flexibility in the location and connection of The Weather Picture (an optional wall-mounted display), PC Weather Data Logger, or other peripheral weather accessory. And it offers the unsurpassed performance and reliability of cabled sensors - the professional's choice. It is unsurpassed as a basic electronic weather station for the professional or serious amateur weather observer.


Forse avete solo bisogno di una stazione meteo di base ?? velocità del vento, direzione del vento, la temperatura esterna e forse pioggia. Anche così, avete tutto il diritto di aspettarsi che il sistema sarà altrettanto affidabile e preciso come il sistema top-of-the-line più elaborata. Siate certi che il nostro Ultimeter 100 utilizza gli stessi sensori di alta qualità, tra cui l'incomparabile Ultimeter PRO anemometro, con risposta eccezionale in tutte le condizioni di vento, tra cui la velocità del vento molto basse (tipico di partenza soglia 1,5 miglia all'ora! Ecco perché). Esso utilizza anche lo stesso grande trattamento dei dati come il nostro rinomato sistema 2100, tra cui l'uscita di dati seriali WeatherText®, ed è APRS-ready. Una seconda connessione Serial Data Port (novità) è previsto nel box Ultimeter 100 del sensore di giunzione, garantendo una maggiore flessibilità nella posizione e la connessione di The Weather Picture (un display a parete opzionale), PC Weather Data Logger, o altro tempo periferiche accessorio. E offre le prestazioni insuperabili e l'affidabilità dei sensori cablati - scelta dei professionisti. È insuperabile come stazione meteo elettronica di base per il dilettante tempo osservatore professionale o grave.

Caratteristiche tecniche
Temperature OutdoorsUnit°F or °C
Range-48 to +66°C
Resolution0.1 °C
Accuracy± 0.5°C
Temperature Indoor
(Option f. 100)
Unit°F or °C
Range0 to +43°C
Resolution0.1 °C
Accuracy± 0.5°C
Wind speedUnitmph, km/h, m/s, kn
Range0.1 to 71 m/s
Resolution0.1 m/s
Accuracyca. ± 5% equals 0.9m/s
Wind directionWind rose16 directions
Numeric display1° Resolution
Accuracy± 5%
Rain gauge
(Option TB)
Unitinch or mm
Range0 to 1999.9mm
Accuracy± 1.5% up to 13mm/h
± 5% above 13mm/h
(Option f. 800,2100)
Range0 to 100%
Accuracy± 4%
(Option f. 2100)
UnithPa, mbar, inHg, mmHg
Range931.3 to 1067 hPa
Resolution0.1 hPa
Accuracy± 1.7 hPa
Min/Max Data memoryDay, last 7 days, alltime High/Low
Clock12h oder 24h Anzeige
DateUS (mm/dd) or EU (dd/mm) Format
Mast diameter
for vane/anemometer
from approx. 25 to 35mm
Alarm parameters
(depending on options)
Wind speed
Min/Max. outdoor temp.
Min/Max. indoor temp.
Min. Wind chill
Serial Data format2400 or 19200 bps, 8N1. 7 Formats:
Weathertext Mode
Complete Record Mode
Data Logger Mode
Packet Mode
Complete History Mode
Multiple Output Mode
Modem Mode

Panoramica Peet Bros. Stazioni meteorologiche

Peet Bros. offre tre modelli base di stazioni meteorologiche: il ULTIMETER® 100, ULTIMETER® 800, e ULTIMETER® 2100. Le capacità e le possibili opzioni per ogni dispositivo è indicato nella tabella sottostante.

Wind speedYesYesYes
Wind directionYesYesYes
Wind chillYesYesYes
Humidity outdoorsNoOptionOption
Humidity indoorsNoOptionOption
Temperature indexNoOptionOption
Temperature - OutdoorsYesYesYes
Temperatur - IndoorsOptionYesYes
Barometric pressureNoNoYes
Rain GaugeOptionOptionOption
Alarm functionsYesYesYes
Alarm contactNoNoYes
Suitable for APRSYesYesYes
Serial data portYesYesYes
'Weather Text' Data formatYesYesYes
Backlit keyboardNoYesYes
Blue, backlit LC displayNoYesYes

Yes: Sensor or Funktion included in shipment
Option: requires an optional accessory
No: not available for this model

Wind vane and anemometer (Pro version) included
With each Ultimeter weather station a reliable weather vane, an anemometer (Wind speed, 'Pro' version)) and an outdoor thermometer is included. An optional rain gauge can be connected to any of the models. Further sensors can be connected to the model 800 and 2100.

Connection of sensors
Long term menory
The long term memory offers the possiblity to record min. and max. values over a longer time period and recall them on request. Nine memories record the daily extremes, those of the last 7 days amd one more permanent record.

Like with all professional weather equipment, the sensors are connected by cable, and not wireless. This results in much better reliability and faster update rates. All sensors are connected to a central junction box, which also supplies all devices with power. The computer or APRS radio can be connected to the junction box or to the display unit.

Long cables supplied
All units and options come with extra long cables for ease of installation: 12m for the wind vane/anemometer, 7.5m for the outdoor temperature sensor. The cable between the junction box and the disply/keybiard unit is 240cm long, the power supply cable 180cm. Alle data cables can be extended very easily and to nearly any length, if required.
The wind vane/anemomenter is best installed on top of a mast (not to the side), we are happy to offer you a suitable mast tube. Since this sensor works with magnetic reed contacts a non-magnetic tube is preferred (aluminium, stainless steel or similiar).

Ideal for APRS:
Several APRS ready radios, like the new Kenwood TM-D710E offers a direct connection for Peet weather stations. Go on the air in no time with your personal APRS weather broadcast. Works also with WxTrak APRS for practically any other radio, or with a usual Packet Radio TNC.

Of course all Peet Weather Stations are suitable for european power systems, a 230V power supply is included. The units of all weather data is selectable, for example °C or °F, metric system, nautical system or imperial system for other values.
For permanent backup of settings and long term memories a 9V block batteryis required (not included).

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