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Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-10030P
Come parte di ricambio, la banderuola più anemometro, già incluso in ogni Peet Ultimeter...
110,00€ Imponibile:90,16€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-65007
The ultimate accessory for your ULTIMETER Weather Station! Big, bright, and easy-to-read, The Weather Picture wall display is perfect for any place where people need highly visible, up-to-the-second local weather data. An impressive wall-mounted panel display of comprehensive weather information, Th..
378,99€ Imponibile:310,65€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-40000
Di solito i sensori esterni sono collegati con un cavo ciascuno per la scatola di giunzione interna. Ecco due o tre piani, piccoli cavi che devono essere alimentati attraverso la parete. Se questo non è possibile, il "Kit Cable Single" aiuta. Qui una scatola stagna di derivazione esterna viene utili..
57,00€ Imponibile:46,72€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-04150
Piastra di montaggio per Pluviometro PRO..
44,00€ Imponibile:36,06€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-10075
Consente il sensore di temperatura esterna per essere montato in luce diretta del sole, evitando inesattezze alta temperatura proteggendo il sensore dai raggi del sole. Installare il sensore di temperatura esterna (in dotazione con la stazione meteo) all'interno del gruppo protezione solare. Si mont..
115,00€ Imponibile:94,26€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-10060
  Suitable for Ultimeter 800 and 2100 The ULTIMETER Outdoor Humidity/Temperature Sensor utilizes a precision thick-film polymer capacitance device to measure humidity. The sensor is used in a low-frequency oscillator circuit, which changes frequency as the relative humidity of the air changes...
125,00€ Imponibile:102,46€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: Peet Ultimeter 100
Perhaps you just need a basic weather station – wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature and possibly rainfall. Even so, you have every right to expect that your system will be just as reliable and accurate as the most elaborate top-of-the-line system. Rest assured that our Ultimeter 100 uses..
199,00€ Imponibile:163,11€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: Peet Ultimeter 2100
ULTIMETER® 2100 - best in its class! The much-anticipated successor to our most popular weather station ever (the ULTIMETER 2000, world-renowned standard for performance and reliability in a home weather station), the ULTIMETER 2100 features a stunning platinum-tone housing with brilliant blue displ..
328,99€ Imponibile:269,67€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: Peet Ultimeter 800
The Ultimeter 800 is an exceptional value. It includes most of the outstanding features of our Ultimeter 2100 (excluding barometric pressure), and tracks more than 90 weather values. If you require full wind, temperature, and humidity functions, but don't require barometric pressure readings, the Ul..
241,99€ Imponibile:198,36€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-10100
Operating on a drop-counting principle, the PRO Rain Gauge senses every one-thousandth inch of rain and reports each one-hundredth inch back to the ULTIMETER Weather Station. In spite of its amazing resolution, the PRO gauge can handle "world record" class rain rates of more than 10 inches per hour!..
103,00€ Imponibile:84,42€
Marchio: PEET BROS Modello: WSF-05100
  Compatible with ULTIMETER 2100/800/100 from June 2005 forward, WeatherText® Tools is a software package for Windows 98/XP/Vista/Win7 which enhances the capabilities of WeatherText®. Send email weather reports, log weather data, post weather data to a web page, and generate an APRS format weathe..
75,00€ Imponibile:61,48€
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