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OM Power OM2000A+

The automatic linear amplifier OM2000A+ is designed for all short wave amateur bands from 1.8 to 29 MHz (including WARC – bands) + 50 MHz and all modes. It is equipped with a ceramic tetrode FU-728F.

Specification of OM2000A+:

Frequency coverage:Amateur bands 1.8 – 29.7 MHz including WARC + 50 MHz
Power output:2000+ W in SSB/CW on HF bands, 1500 W in RTTY
1500 W CW/SSB on 50 MHz
Drive power:40 to 60 W for full output power
Input impedance:50 Ohm VSWR < 1.5 : 1
Output amplification:17 dB
Output impedance:50 Ohm unbalanced
Maximum output SWR:3:1
SWR protection:Automatic switching to STBY when reflected power is 350W or higher
Intermodulation distortion:better then -32 dBc
Suppression of harmonics:min -50 dBc (30–54 MHz better than -70dBc)
Response speed of AUTO tune:less than 0,5s within same BAND ,less than 3s if out of BAND
Icom transceive protocol using by microHAM devices – CI-V OUPUT,
Flex Radios and Anan ( Apache Labs )
Tube:FU-728F ceramic tetrode
Cooling:Centrifugal blower + axial blower
Power supply:Switchable 220,230,240V – 50/60 Hz or other primary voltages
(for example 200V 50/60Hz for Japan)
Transformers:1 toroidal transformer 3.0 kVA
Protection circuits:- SWR too high
 - Anode current too high
 - Screen current too high
 - Grid current too high
 - Mistuning of power amplifier
 - Temperature to high
 - Soft start for fuse protection
 - “switch –on blocking “ at opened amplifier
Indications:4.3" colour touch screen display
Features:- Support automatic external Antenna switching
 - Memory for faults and warning, easy maintenance
 - Automatic set-up anode current (BIAS) – no need to manual adjust after changing the tube
 - Automatic set-up of blower speed according to temperature
 - T/R System: QSK operation with built-in vacuum RF antenna relay
 - Remote control - connector for LAN connection
 - The smallest and lightest 2000 W automatic PA on the market
Mechanical parameters:390mm x 195mm x 370mm (width x height x depth)
Weight:24 kg

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OM Power OM2000A+ - SM Technology

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