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Marchio: KELEMEN Modello: DP-8040201510
  BANDE COPERTE IN SOLI 22 Mt ESTESO SONO 80 - 40 - 20 - 15 - 10 Mt POTENZA 400 Watt SSB   Kelemen antennas are wire antennas with traps made from teflon isolated coaxial cable. Properties of the Teflon (PTFE) insulated traps: resistant to solvents like acids and alkalines not fl..
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Marchio: KELEMEN Modello: Kelemen Baluns
Our baluns have a bolted, clear polycarbonate case and are not filled with insulating plastic like other baluns. This makes the production of these baluns much more expensive, also because we still have to make the baluns weather resistant, but this method has a clear benefit: In case of an 'acciden..
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