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Icom ID-31E PLUS Ricetrasmettitore analogico digitale monobanda UHF con GPS

  • Icom ID-31E PLUS Ricetrasmettitore analogico digitale monobanda UHF con GPS
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Ricetrasmettitore analogico digitale UHF con GPS - 5W, FM e DSTAR
- display LCD a matrice di punti, memoria Sdcard per
registrazione voce e dati, funzioni avanzate D-PRS, gestione delle
memorie in formato CSV, annuncio vocale per frequenza, modo e
nominativo ricevuto (modo DV). Compatto, leggero e con un grado
di protezione IPX7.


Frequency coverageEUR
(#12, 22, 32)
TX/RX: 430.000–440.000 MHz
(#13, 23, 33)
TX: 430.000–440.000 MHz,
RX: 400.000–479.000 MHz*
Type of emissionF2D, F3E, F7W
Number of memory channels1302 channels
(including 500 regular channels,
750 D-STAR repeater,
50 program scan edges and 2 call)
Operating temperature range-20°C to + 60°C
Frequency stability±2.5 ppm
(-20°C to + 60°C on the basis of 25°C)
Antenna impedance50 Ω (SMA)
Power supply requirements7.4 V DC (with BP-271/BP-272),
5.5 V DC (with BP-273)
10.0–16.0 V DC (External DC power)
Current drainTX HighLess than 2.5 A
RXInternal SP (16 Ω):
Less than 450 mA (DV),
Less than 350 mA (FM, FM-N)

External SP (8 Ω):
Less than 300 mA (DV),
Less than 200 mA (FM, FM-N)
(W×H×D projections not included)
58×95×25.4 mm
Weight (approximately)220 g
(including BP-271 and antenna)

* Guaranteed range: 430.000–440.000 MHz


Modulation systemDVGMSK reactance modulation
FM, FM-NFM reactance modulation
Output power
(at 7.4 V DC)
5 W, 2.5 W, 1 W, 0.5 W, 0.1 W
(High, Mid, Low2, Low1, S-low)
Spurious emissionsLess than -60 dBc (High, Mid),
Less than -13 dBm (Low2, Low1, S-low)
Max. frequency deviation±5.0 kHz (FM), ±2.5 kHz (FM-N)



Intermediate frequency46.35 MHz (1st), 450 kHz (2nd)
SensitivityDVLess than -11 dBμ (at BER 1%)
FM, FM-NLess than -15 dBμ (at 12 dB SINAD)
Squelch sensitivityLess than -15 dBμ (Threshold)
SelectivityMore than 55 dB (FM),
More than 50 dB (DV, FM-N)
Spurious rejectionMore than 60 dB
Audio output powerInternal SPMore than 400 mW
(16 Ω load at 10% distortion)
External SPMore than 200 mW
(8 Ω load at 10% distortion)

Fornito completo di:
Antenna FA-S70B
Caricatore BC-167SD
Batteria Li-Ion BP-271
Clip MB-127
manuale d'uso

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