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Tarheel Antennas

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Baby Tarheel

Frequency range 7-54 MHz, 200 W PEP, 1.25 m length max. The smallest of the family, total length ..

525.00€ Ex Tax: 430.33€

Capacitive Hat Tarheel

When you use a capacitive hat, you can shorten the antenna. With a stylus from 80 cm and a capacitiv..

109.00€ Ex Tax: 89.34€

Complete mounting kit

The kit is included in the M-200 / M-300 hubs, and consists of: MT-1 mast / car mount incl. KD..

229.00€ Ex Tax: 187.70€

HP 1500 watt powered HF antenna M200A Tarheel

Tarheel antennas are HF mobile antennas, using an integrated engine and cover the entire shortwave b..

789.00€ Ex Tax: 646.72€

Little Tarheel II rotating antenna 200 watts

Frequency range 3.5-54 MHz, 200W PEP, max. 1 length, 37mThe model most often required, used when the..

508.99€ Ex Tax: 417.20€

Radial kits for Tarheel

The massive stainless steel plate (6 mm) is created to be used on the same pole where the antenna is..

110.00€ Ex Tax: 90.16€

Semi automatic control unit SDC 102

SDC-102 is a semi-automatic control unit for motorized screwdriver antennas (not just the Tarheel mo..

160.00€ Ex Tax: 131.14€

TARGETuner fully automatic control unit for Tarheel M200A HP and Little Tarheel II

Finally the Tarheel antennas can be tuned automatically. The TARGETuner using an RF sensor for the S..

258.99€ Ex Tax: 212.29€

Tarheel antenna mount MT1 M200A HP

Antenna Mount Mount for stationary use or installation on trucks or trailers. Connector PL fem..

190.00€ Ex Tax: 155.74€

Tarheel M 100A HP motorized HF antenna

Tarheel antennas are HF mobile antennas, which use an integrated engine and cover the entire short w..

765.00€ Ex Tax: 627.05€

Tarheel M300A motorized HF antenna

Frequency range -30 1.8 MHz, 250W PEP, 3.6 m length max. The only antenna of this type, which als..

759.00€ Ex Tax: 622.13€