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RM Italy

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RM Italy BLA 350 300W Transistor Amplifier for HF

Unlike too many other 12V amplifiers, the BLA-350 is a stationary amplifier. It covers all 1.5 to 30..

709.00€ Ex Tax: 581.15€

RM Italy HLA 150 V Plus Linear amplifier HF and CB

HF amplifiers from 150/300Compact linear amplifiers and handy for all HF bands from 1.8 to 30 MH..

340.00€ Ex Tax: 278.69€

RM Italy HLA 300 V Plus HF and CB Amplifier Coming soon

RM Italy HLA 300 V Plus HF and CB Amplifier

HLA-300/V PLUS version with forced cooling fans NEW VERSION   HF amplifier f..

440.00€ Ex Tax: 360.66€

RM ITALY 250 amp to 2 m

The LA-250 is a 140-150 MHz 200W amplifier, input 1 to 20 w (13.6 V 30A). It uses Mitsubishi 4 A50 M..

489.00€ Ex Tax: 400.82€

RM ITALY 250V Amplifier for 2 m

The LA-250V 200W amplifier, 140-150 MHz is 1 to 20 w input (13.6 V 30A). It uses Mitsubishi 4 A50 Mo..

509.00€ Ex Tax: 417.21€

RM Italy BLA 600

The BLA-600 is a compact 500W transistor power amplifier for short-circuit with built-in power suppl..

2,298.95€ Ex Tax: 1,884.38€

RM Italy HLA 305 HF amplifier Not available

RM Italy HLA 305 HF amplifier

Solid state HF Linear Power AmplifierFrequency 1.5-30 MHzMode   AM FM SSB CW RTTY10 W RF D..

494.99€ Ex Tax: 405.73€

RM Italy HLA 305 V HF amplifier

-30 1.8 MHz frequency 12-14 Vdc power supply 34 to Consumption Input power FM-CW 1 -10 W In..

638.99€ Ex Tax: 523.76€

RM Italy LA 145 New

RM Italy LA 145

Linear amplifier for VHF bandFrequency 135 - 175 MHzPower supply 12 - 14 VdcAbsorption 1..

131.00€ Ex Tax: 107.38€


Powerful switching power amplifier or radio station.The SPS-1050S is a switching power supply with a..

195.00€ Ex Tax: 159.83€

RM ITALY the 144 Amplifier for 2 m power 60W

Small PA for mobile operation, designed specifically for use with portable radios.Typical output p..

94.00€ Ex Tax: 77.05€

RM Italy ULA 100 Amplifier for 70 cm Out of production

RM Italy ULA 100 Amplifier for 70 cm

FREE SHIPPINGVLA-200V amplifier has an output power of 200W FM and SSB in the 2 meters when driven w..

393.99€ Ex Tax: 322.94€