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WX 2013 SOLAR wireless weather station + solar powered transmitter

This new weather station has just been placed on the market and offers more features than any other ..

105.00€ Ex Tax: 86.06€

HP 2001 solar wifi weather station

Wireless weather station with colour display, Wifi and internet THE ORIGINAL NOTICE FROM CHINESE ..

304.99€ Ex Tax: 249.99€

Ultimeter 100 weather station Peet

Perhaps you just need a basic weather station wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperatures and p..

199.00€ Ex Tax: 163.11€

Weather station Peet Ultimeter 2100

ULTIMETER 2100 ®-best in its class! The much-anticipated successor to our most popular weather stati..

328.99€ Ex Tax: 269.67€

Weather station Peet Ultimeter 800

The Ultimeter 800 is an exceptional value. It includes most of the outstanding features of our Ultim..

241.99€ Ex Tax: 198.36€