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LDG AT 100pro2 automatic tuner

LDG AT 100pro2 automatic tuner

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  • Brand: LDG
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  • Weight: 1.00kg
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The LDG AT-100Pro2 and AT-200pro2 are tabletop tuners that cover the frequency range from 1.8 to 54 MHz, and mate automatically your antenna really quickly. They have a two-position antenna switch, allowing the instantaneous switching of two antennas. Ta-100Pro2 requires just 1 watt in order to operate the tuning (5W to Ta-200pro2) but handles up to 125 watts, making it suitable for everything from QRP up to typical transceiver to be 100 Watts. Ta-200pro2 supports up to 200W on HF, 6 m, the lowest power 100W max. of deal is 5W.
Each tuner has up to 2.000 MHz for each antenna, automatically storing the configurations for each frequency and bandwidth. The circuit of frequency sensors allows the AT-100Pro2/AT-200pro2 to know your operating frequency. Whenever you transmit or you'll be near the frequency already used previously, the tuner will perform the agreement almost instantly: the deal is about 0.2 sec for memories, from 0.5 to 6 seconds for the entire cycle on new frequencies are not stored.

Easy to read LED bar graphs show the SWR and power, and a button on the front panel allows you to access data like how and status.
The tuners grant dipoles, verticals, inverted-Vs and potentially any coaxial antenna. With an optional balun, you can also tune the longwires or antennas to ladder-line. 6 to 1000 Ω impedance grants (from 16 to 150 on 6 m), 6 to 4000 Ω with the optional balun 4.1.
Control from the front panel is simple and direct; Press Tune while beam, and the tuner will start a cycle of agreement. For an even more integrated operation there are cables for Icom transceivers. With a single press of the button will transmit the carrier, will perform a full cycle of agreement and bring her to the radio in the initial conditions.
Power requirement: from 11 to 16 volts DC at 500 mA max, size: 19 x 14 x 5 cm AT-100pro2. At-200pro2:22 x 15.5 x 5 cm, weight: 0.8 Kg.


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