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Dummy load

Dummy load

Fictitious load for calibration of radio amateur apparatuses and linear amplifiers of the acom type

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A 50 ohm dummy load Ld50

HF 50 Ω resistive termination Model DL-50 Impedance 50 Ω Max power..

35.00€ Ex Tax: 28.69€

MFJ 264 dummy load power 100 watts

Dry resistive termination is usable up to 650 MHz, 100 W power for 10 minutes, max 1500W for 10 sec...

87.00€ Ex Tax: 71.31€

MFJ-265 2500W Dummyload

Usable up to 150 MHz. Maximum power 2500 W for 1 minute, 500 W for 10 minutes. The Dummyload h..

260.00€ Ex Tax: 213.11€

Microset CF 800 dummy load

Professional dummy loadTECHNICAL DATA Model CF-800 Freque..

239.99€ Ex Tax: 196.72€