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DIAMOND X 50N 144 Mhz 430 MHz vertical Antenna

The most complete line of antennas from base, with superior mechanical characteristics, like D.J.S. Direct Joint System. Under this brand are reported the antennas with a direct joint system that gives, besides the external protection, a solid structure as for systems consist of a single element. The watertightness of the joints of the items is ensured by sealing rings. The external protection prevents oxidation of indoor radiant elements. The wind speed at which these antennas may be subjected meets professional, 40 m/sec for the X-X-X-7000/510/400/H-700H, 50 m/sec the X-300/X-200/V-2000/X-6000 and 60 m/sec the X-X-X-5000/50/30.

While with the D.C. symbol are electrically short antennas in massa for DC. The radiant element, the one placed inside the antenna, is put directly to ground in order to protect your equipment from surges and electrostatic discharges during lightning storms.

All antennas have an impedance of 50?, VSWR better than 1.5, can be attached to a pole with a diameter between 30 and 62 mm.

Alfonso Sbriglio2015-11-22 18:55:22

veloci precisi efficenti

carmelo casto2013-10-18 03:51:27

Sono in attesa di quello che ho ordinato e pagato.......(poi è arrivato ed è tutto OK)

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without Radials!
Gamma di frequenze2m2m2m2m2m2m2m
Guadagno2m3,0 dBi2,154,5 dBi6,0 dBi6,5 dBi8,3 dBi9,3 dBi
70cm5,5 dBi5,57,2 dBi8,0 dBi9,0 dBi11,7 dBi13,0 dBi
Struttura2m1/2 λ1/2 λ6/8 λ2 x 5/8 λ2 x 5/8 λ3 x 5/8 λ5 x 5/8 λ
70cm2 x 5/8 λ2 x 5/8 λ3 x 5/8 λ4 x 5/8 λ5 x 5/8 λ8 x 5/8 λ11 x 5/8 λ
Potenza mass.150 W150 W200 W200 W200 W200 W200 W
Lunghezza1,3 m1,3 m1,7 m2,5 m2,9 m5,2 m7,2 m
Mass. Velocità di vento210 km/h210 km/h210 km/h180 km/h180 km/h144 km/h144 km/h
Diametro Asta mass.30-62mm30-62mm30-62mm30-62mm30-62mm30-62mm30-62mm

DIAMOND X 50N 144 Mhz 430 MHz vertical Antenna

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