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Daiwa CN 501VN

Rated wattmeter band 140 - 525 MHz Power range 20/200 Watt Connectors N ..

104.00€ Ex Tax: 85.24€

Daiwa CN 801 S2 Romentro wattmeter

CN-801 series are high quality RF Wattmeters with unique features that make power measurements CFA a..

240.99€ Ex Tax: 197.54€


Rosmetro Wattmetro ad aghi incrociati Caratteristiche Range di frequenza 140 - 525 Mhz ..

120.00€ Ex Tax: 98.36€

Daiwa CN 901HP

Watt meter cross-needle AVG and PEP Reading Frequency: 1.8-200 MHz Power rating: 20/200/2k..

135.00€ Ex Tax: 110.66€

Daiwa CN 901HP3

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154.00€ Ex Tax: 126.23€

Daiwa CN501H2 Coming soon

Daiwa CN501H2

CN501H2 Daiwa rosemeter / wattmeter for HF / VHF 1.8 / 150 MHz range Power 20/200/2000 W up to 60..

103.00€ Ex Tax: 84.43€