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Cushcraft R 8 8 vertical Antenna HF bands from 40 meters to 6 meters

Cushcraft 6-40 Meter vertical HF multiband R8

HF multiband vertical antenna

6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, and 40 Meter

This multiband vertical design provides 8 bandwidth coverage which includes 10 12 6 bands, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, and meters. Cushcraft achieved a major breakthrough in the development of a HF multiband vertical antenna which was specifically designed for use with a tuner and amplifier. As a result, the antenna face better the characteristics of contemporary ham Shack.

Vertical multiband antennas have always been complicated designs with the components most likely to be damaged by high levels of mismatched transmission power as platforms that are attached. Before the use of tuners spread, the antenna was protected by the same security mechanisms that protected the rig. Now, automatic reduction of power circuits of the past have actually become a second layer of protection circuits. Even if auto-tuner offers the Ham with a most versatile device in addition to protecting the rig components, the antenna is more vulnerable than ever. With the push of a button, very heavy loads can be imposed on the antenna. The result for the antenna can be catastrophic failure in some cases.

The R8 is the first vertical multiband designed for the rigors of operating conditions. Although the antenna is best used within is 2.0:1 VSWR bandwidth, you can support a 3.0:1 VSWR mismatch at full power for typical operating ranges. Now radio amateurs can take full advantage of the versatility that a tuner used in conjunction with a vertical multiband HF antenna can give them. For high wind environments, add the R8GK Guy Kit-3

point of non-conductive type system.

The R8 offers a 360 degrees (omni) coverage on the horizon and a low radiation angle in the vertical plane for DX best.

Fabry2015-10-15 18:55:29

OTTIMO!!!!!! Gentili al call center, straordinario il prodotto acquistato risparmiando circa 80 euro e velocissimi con la consegna !!!! Il prossimo acquisto ??? Su Sm elettronica

2014-08-06 13:14:04


Alberto lupo2014-06-07 10:20:07

Ottimoooooooooooo Giuliano provalo anche tu..

Lucone2014-03-06 03:51:28

Merce arrivata, tutto ok.

Oscar2013-11-16 02:56:43

Ottimo servizio, veloci e professionali, ottimo prezzo. Lo consiglio !!!!!!!!! Grazie di tutto.

savà2013-10-23 10:20:07

Speravo in una spedizione più veloce ma va bene lo stesso

sonik2013-08-30 03:51:28

ordinato Cushcraft R-8 Antenna Verticale 8 Bande HF da 40 mt a 6 mt

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Cushcraft R 8 8 vertical Antenna HF bands from 40 meters to 6 meters

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