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Chameleon EMCOMM II long wire antenna 1.8 - 54MHz

The Emcomm II is a long-wire, which can also be used in laptop.Wide frequency range of 1.8-54MHz, th..

135.00€ Ex Tax: 110.65€


The Chameleon HYBRID-MICRO is an even lighter Version of the HYBRID-MINI antenna.The weight is about..

225.00€ Ex Tax: 184.42€

Chameleon HYBRID-MINI New


The HYBRID-MINI-Series is a new development of Chameleon. The base is fully compatible with almost ..

245.00€ Ex Tax: 200.82€

Chameleon MIL Whip

Very light, small and portable antenna (being folding). It can be used just like a normal antenna ro..

135.00€ Ex Tax: 110.65€

Chameleon V1L

Chameleon antennas are very compact antennas that are ideal for installations with limited space or ..

189.99€ Ex Tax: 155.73€

Chameleon V2L

Same features as the model is only 2 antenna V1L Chameleon V2L mt. and operates on the same bands V1..

189.99€ Ex Tax: 155.73€