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Apache Labs Anan 100DE Not available

Apache Labs Anan 100DE

The Apache Labs Anan-100DE is a 100 watt HF + 6 m Software Defined Radio multi-mode transceiver. It ..

3,194.93€ Ex Tax: 2,618.79€

Apache Labs ANAN 10E Not available

Apache Labs ANAN 10E

The ANAN-10E is an ideal platform who want an entry level DDC/DUC SDR tranceiver, platform performan..

1,808.96€ Ex Tax: 1,482.75€

Apache Labs ANAN 10EE Not available

Apache Labs ANAN 10EE

Differences between the Anan-Anan-10 and 10E 1. The 14-bit ADC ANAN-10E uses a while Anan-16-bit ..

1,188.97€ Ex Tax: 974.57€