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30/40 meters band Kit for SteppIR 3 Elements

Kit 30/40 mt designed to replace your original item with an element a circular dipole , includes t..

753.56€ Ex Tax: 617.67€

6 band Kit SteppIR 3 mt for Elements

Passive element to the band of 6 m per directive 3 STEPPIR Elements Single element in length fixed ..

130.75€ Ex Tax: 107.17€

6 m Extension Kit for TA 53M

6 m Extension Kit for TA-53M The Kit covers the gang up to 50 Mhz (6mt) on 3 elements with a gain o..

239.50€ Ex Tax: 196.31€

Extension Kit A 743 7/10 MHz to A3S

Extension Kit A-743 7/10 MHz to A3S The Kit covers the band (30/40) ..

265.00€ Ex Tax: 217.21€

Extension Kit A 744 7/10 MHz for A4S

Extension Kit A-744 7/10 MHz for A4S The Kit covers the band (30/40) ..

323.93€ Ex Tax: 265.52€

Kit TA 40 KR for TA53M

Kit TA 40 KR for TA53M is a premium product from MOSLEY(). Kit TA 40 KR for TA53M you find in direct..

458.99€ Ex Tax: 376.22€

Yaesu ATBK 100 radial Offset ATAS 120 to

The counterweight ATAS consisting of a ring of solid aluminium which is attached to the base of the ..

95.00€ Ex Tax: 77.87€

A 17 12 17 12m Extension kit

For HF-6V Extends your HF-6V to 12 bands and 17 m. Weight 1.4 kg INDICATIVE PHOTOS ..

103.00€ Ex Tax: 84.42€

A 6 6 m Extension kit

For HF-6VExtends your HF-6V at the gang of 6 m. Weight 0.5 kg ..

34.47€ Ex Tax: 28.26€

Capacitive Hat Tarheel

When you use a capacitive hat, you can shorten the antenna. With a stylus from 80 cm and a capacitiv..

109.00€ Ex Tax: 89.34€

Complete mounting kit

The kit is included in the M-200 / M-300 hubs, and consists of: MT-1 mast / car mount incl. KD..

229.00€ Ex Tax: 187.70€

Diamond R1 Radial of 80 meters for the CP-6

80-meter radial for the CP-6. It rises to 3575 - 3650 kHz for a better ROS in the CW / SSB part. Rep..

50.00€ Ex Tax: 40.98€

Diamond R2 Radial 80 meters for the CP-6

80-meter radial for the CP-6. It rises to 3.7 MHz for a better ROS in the SSB part. Replaces the sta..

50.00€ Ex Tax: 40.98€

GRK Radial Kit counterweight to installed HF2V HF6V HF9V

Radial ground mounting kit installed HF2V, HF6V or HF9V, consists of radial 12 9.2 m long, includes ..

87.05€ Ex Tax: 71.35€

HB9CV antenna 23 cm 144, 430 and bi band portable

backpacker Kit HB9CV antennas are so used to ' direction finding ' or as small laptops. With the ..

98.00€ Ex Tax: 80.33€