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Ameritron 800W HF linear amplifier AL811HXCE

Only the Ameritron AL-811H fully neutralized 811A transmitting four valves. This configuration gives you an absolute stability and excellent performance even on higher bands, something not achieved with valves are not countered.

Ameritron mounts the 811A tubes vertically--not horizontally--to prevent the collapse of "hot" internal elements of the valves and the next possible short circuits. Other manufacturers, using horizontal mounting, potentially damaging, require 811A hard to come by, to delay the problem of sagging and short circuits.

A powerful 20 CFM fan "computer grade"--not a scooter open from phonograph--aims within the cooling air to pressurize the container and cool efficiently your valves 811A for a long life.

You will also have the output resonant circuit inductors for heavy duty and low losses, "computer grade capacitors, heavy duty transformer iron core with Silicon sheets, adjustable inductors in tuned circuits, switch" standby "LED" in fancy/transmission ", ALC, double instrument, and ability to operate in QSK using QSK-5 and much more.


Power output: 800 Watts PEP, 600 Watts CW.

Operating Bands: Covers from 160 to 15 Meters, WARC included. Can be easily changed by the user to the gangs of 12 and 10 meters.

Four valves 811A: Uses four rugged fully neutralized 811A valves, power amplifiers, low cost and easy availability.

Vertical mounting of valves: Prevents short circuits of the filaments/valves, grids and prolongs its life.

Full Neutralization:  Improves stability and performance on the higher bands.

Tuned circuit: Tuned circuit adjustable rear panel input.

ALC Control: Control circuit ALC adjustable.

Tuning Knobs with gear: The agreement is made easy and accurate tuning commands from gear.

Double lighted instruments: To display the main quantities.

Heavy duty power supply: 7.7 kg heavy duty power transformer's iron core with Silicon sheets and "computer grade capacitors to filter in ballast, deliver 1700 Volts of high voltage at no load and 1500 Volts under full load.

Working with various mains voltages: The user can select between 100/110/120/210/220/230 VAC mains voltage. Comes with the transformer installed and wired for 120 VAC 240 VAC for USA market or for export model.

Air cooling: A silent ventilation pressurized cooling valves correctly.

QSK operations: Possible with the optional electronic transmit/receive switching pin diode.

Stylish front panel in Lexan

Equipment weight: 14.5 kg.


Prices, images and descriptions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change during construction of the supplier.

Edoardo2015-11-18 18:55:21

Servizio impeccabile e massima disponibilità. Lo consiglio a tutti

Algerio2015-10-09 18:55:21

Complimenti per il servizio!!! Ordinato ieri e questa mattina l\'ho già ricevuto :)

2014-09-21 13:13:59

Consiglio il sito+

Roby792014-08-03 03:51:26

Sono in attesa di quello che ho ordinato e pagato.......(poi è arrivato ed è tutto OK)

sonosolo542014-05-17 03:51:26

Marchi selezionati, vasto assortimento, prezzi giusti, spedizioni rapide, simpatici.. che pretendere di più ???

2014-04-25 13:13:59

Che dire OTTIMO

sonosolo542014-04-17 02:56:35

Cortesia e professionalità, lo consiglio

stenox2014-03-05 10:20:04

Mi parlavano bene di questo sito, mi sono fidato ed ecco il prodotto in mano mia CONSIGLIATO

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Ameritron 800W HF linear amplifier AL811HXCE

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