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ALINCO DR do Transceiver VHF UHF

Monitor 2 repeaters together in the same or different bands, listen to FM broadcast stations too wit..

372.25€ Ex Tax: 305.12€

Alinco DJ X30E

Alinco DJ-X30E handheld scanning is a very compact, rugged and lightweight companion for trips and e..

175.00€ Ex Tax: 143.44€

Alinco DJ X7E

The handheld scanner Alinco DJ-X7E is a very compact and lightweight companion for trips and excursi..

174.00€ Ex Tax: 142.62€

Alinco DX R8E frequency receiver 150 kHz - 35 MHz USB / LSB / AM / CW / FM

Features:I/Q signal output allows you to use third party software SDR150 kHz?? ' 35MHz (Model T up t..

428.99€ Ex Tax: 351.63€

ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver

ALINCO DX-SR8E HF VEHICULAR Alinco, a world leader in communications, has developed an easy-to-us..

644.99€ Ex Tax: 528.68€