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Not available ZEPP Antenna for 80 m to 10 m

The Zepp antenna is a multiband shortwave. This form is constructed with a λ/2 antenna radiator and a λ/4 processing line. Then this antenna is a half-wave radiator for low band and resonant on higher, harmonic bands.

The traditional construction of this parallel wire antenna used for converting line, which acted as a transformer Lecher. But it is also possible to build this antenna with a coaxial line transformer that translates into an efficient, end fed wire antenna with small space requirements. Thanks in particular to the design end fed this antenna is much easier to install and use spontaneously, as a place of vacation or during emergency operations.

The Zepp antenna offered by WiMo is down 22.8 million in total, where 15.2 million is the radiator, and 7.6 m line transformer does not radiate. Included in shipment is a 1:1 transformer ISSUES, which allows you to use any length of coaxial cable without affecting line transforer. This modern design differs from traditional Zepp antenna, where the power line trnaforming couldn't be changed in length. The antenna requires a tuner.

Depending on local conditions Zepp antenna can be installed in a straight or angular shape. The ground clearance is (among others) important for the pattern. Low and horizontal antenna is good for high-angle radiation, good for local distances up to 400 km. An installation vertical part and higher above the ground is good for low-angle take-off and long distances.

Included in shipment is a fine wire radiant petticoat.

The antenna has amax. power handling 500W SSB.

The total length is 22.8, the weight is 1 kg.

AA: PL female connectors.


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ZEPP Antenna for 80 m to 10 m

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