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Yaesu HRI 200 Internet Linking System for c4fm

The Yaesu HRI-200 Internet Linking System uses WIRES ™. Internet Repeater Enhancement System extension From WIRES ™ was announced at the 2002 Dayton Hamvention, the system has evolved into a much more versatile system, known as WIRES ™-II. The third generation WiRES-X technology was introduced in 2014, supports both analogue and the new digital radio communications C4FM modes. The HRI-200 is the cheap path WIRES-X.

Features include: systems
-WIRES-X supports both analogue and the new digital radio communications C4FM modes.
-WIRES-X enables communication between the two stations digital and conventional FM stations C4FM by wire-X
-high quality voice communication is achieved by repeating C4FM digital data as it is via the Internet.
– SPIN ID:. Simple user ID system with alphanumeric characters
-Smart Access: line-X automatically connects to nodes and salt using Smart Access. (Digital node Station)
-Preset Serach: users can find local node station and receive their data by setting the frequency for automatic configuration. (Digital node Station only)
-Activity Monitor: ID of the active nodes and rooms can be searched from the transceiver C4FM through a local node. (Digital node Station only)
-News Station: stores and reads the digital data, such as text, images and audio data. (Digital node Station only)
-WIRES-X provides everything that is needed to keep a node or a room for use by members only.
-Easy installation:. Opening ports on the router can also be accomplished using the UPnP standard on uPnP capable router
-HRI-200 supports analog FM mobile transceiver for digital as well as analog node node station station with FTM-400 d.
-Booster Support DR-1 x will be available in early 2015, with a firmware update DR-1 x.

Supplied accessories include: USB cable, data cable Mini DIN 10pin-10pin (CT-174), data cable 10pin-6pin Mini DIN (CT-175), WIRE-X installation disk (CD) and operating manual. 4.4 "x 1.0" x 5.2 "12 oz this device is powered via USB (+5.0 VDC ± 5% Neg. Land 130 mA max, 30 mA TYP).

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Yaesu HRI 200 Internet Linking System for c4fm

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