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For medium duty applications for antenna systems for 2 m or 70 cm. Electrical and mechanical stop. The brake blocks the antenna, however allows the antenna to turn in case of strong wind. Gauge is auto-calibrating after switching on. To install the mast clamps: GC-038. The model G-650C is similar to the model G-450C, but has characteristics of a higher braking torque (see table). Suitable for small or medium-sized antennas HF directives for 2 m/70 cm. Both models have a rotation of 450° and the supports for mounting at mast. Easy connection to the cable, the control box has a socket wrench at 450 degrees. When used with a thrust bearing use a mast with a diameter of 50 mm.




-surface wind 1 m ²

-100 K-factor
-Pair resist. brake 3000 kg/cm
-Torque 600 kg/cm
-Max 100 kg vertical load
-Max load vert. interm. 300 kg
-Error 0.5°
-Dimens. mast (mm) 32 ~ 63Ø
-Rotation Time. 360° 63sec./50Hz
-GPS elev Time. 180° N/A
-Diameter Boom N/A
-Rotator (Ø height) 170Ø x 263
-3 Weight, kg
-5 control cable Conductors

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Dati tecnici Rotor orrizontale
  G-450C G-1000DXC G-2800DXC  
Momento torcente 58 58-108 78-245 Nm
Braking torque 294 588 2450 Nm
Momento mass. di curvatura 600 1100 1500 Nm
Carico mass. 100 200 300 kg
Angolo di Rotazione 450 450 450 °
Tempo di rotazione 63 43-93 40-150 sec
Diametro Asta 43-60 38-63 38-63 mm
Cavo compreso Opzione Opzione Opzione  
Montaggio piattaforma Si Si Si  
Voltaggio 24 22 24 Volt
Numero di fili nel cavo 5 6 6  
Peso 3 3,6 6 kg
Unita' di controllo con graduazione 360° Si Si Si  


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