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Yaesu FTM 400XDE 144/430 MHz Transceiver

➯ Holiday Saving 2017

SM Technology, in collaborazione con YAESU, presenta la nuova campagna di cash back "Holiday Saving 2017”, i dettagli dell'offerta sono i seguenti:

Prodotti coperti dall'offerta: FTDX5000MP LTD, FT-991A e FTM-400XDE


Valore del rimborso (cashback):

FTDX5000MP cashback € 300.00

FT-991A cashback € 100.00

FTM-400XDE cashback € 50.00

Validità: fino al 31 Dicembre 2017


Questa promozione è gestita direttamente dalla Yaesu, è non è gestita da SM Technology ! È necessario inviare la documentazione richiesta direttamente a Yaesu UK dai servizi postali. Questa promozione è valida solo per le radio che sono stati acquistati durante il periodo di tempo valido.

IT DIFFERS FROM the PREVIOUS VERSION (FTM-400 d) why: includes new improved GPS receiver (66ch) that

employs the latest in GPS technology, offering a research satellites faster and more reliable. These
improvements also reduce Time-to-First-Fix (TTF) speeding up navigation and will be equipped with a small rubber plug on the lid, as on the FTM-100DE,
for an easy firmware update.

This is the second act of the YAESU ham radio digital communications in the new age. Excellent operation in the bands of 144 and 430MHz, with receipt from 108 to 999MHz, packs a punch of 50W (20/5Wat), incorporates GPS and Snapshot function (with optional microphone MH-85A1).
A large TFT color 3.5 "high resolution touch-screen multi function key features and allows you to view, in addition to the frequencies and operating functions, popup messages.
Has 4 analog/digital mode of operation:
· V/D for voice and data communications at the same time,
· FR data, for the digital transmission of data, text messaging, images and voice memos with double speed so V/D.
· FR voice, digital voice communications,
· Analog FM, is equal to the current analog broadcasts in FM mode,
· also with the AMS function "Automatic Mode Select" radio identifies these 4 ways (V/D, FR, FR and FM analogue voice data) by selecting automatically received.




➯ Early Summer Sales


We are pleased to present a new offer of YAESU "Early Summer Sales".

Products covered by the offer:

-FTDX5000MP Limited


-FT-991A + SP-10 *





Value of refund (cashback/gift):

- FTDX5000MP Limited: cashback of £ 200.00!

- FTDX1200: cashback of € 50!

- FT-991A + SP-10: cashback of £ 100.00! *

- FT-891: cashback of £ 50.00!

- FTM-400XDE: microphone MH-85A11U in tribute!

- FT1XDE: cashback of £ 40!

- FTM-3200DE: cashback of £ 20!

dto 1 May 2017 at 16 July 2017


* Only valid for joint procurement of the two products.

Download here the application form your cashback:


This promotion is managed directly by the Yaesu, is is not managed by SM Technology! You must submit the required documentation directly to Yaesu UK by postal services. This promotion is valid only for radios that were purchased during the period of time valid.

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Yaesu FTM 400XDE 144/430 MHz Transceiver

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