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TELEGRAPH KEY Bencher Morse HexKey


Morse key of a new dimension! The proven and reliable mechanics of the traditional Bencher keys has been improved with the HexKey by using magnets for the release force adjustment. Each paddle side (dot, dash) can be adjusted individually in it's force. Despite the robust mechanics the key can be operated with very subtle finger movements, perfect for precise and high speed keying. The contact width can also be adjusted individually for each side. Gold plated silver contacts give a reliable electrical contact over many years to come.

Morse keys need to have a fixed place on the operators. To remain at that place, even under hectic conditions, the key must be heavy-so the Bencher HexKey weighs 1.4 kg! The black base plate is powerder coated, the mechanics are chrome plated. The hexagonal shape of the baseplate is perfect for a solid stand without tipping or movement. A hex key is supplied for adjustment of the release force and contact width. The operator needs to supply a cable to the radio (2 wires plus shield).

Technical Data Bencher Hex Key
Weight 1.4 kg
Max. Width 130 mm
Max. Height 60 mm
Connectors 3 x Screw Terminals (Dot, Dash, Ground)

Prices, images and descriptions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change during construction of the supplier.

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TELEGRAPH KEY Bencher Morse HexKey

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