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Tarheel M300A motorized HF antenna

Frequency range -30 1.8 MHz, 250W PEP, 3.6 m length max.

The only antenna of this type, which also covers the band 160 m. Of course you will have a hard time winning the competition 160 m with this antenna, but it's still a good compromise, especially when the optional Hat capacity is used for better efficiency. Construction as M200A, again with galss fibre reinforced plastic body for the coil.

If one of the antennas are installed at the top of a large vehicle (RV, camper etc.) The maximum height permitted can be overcome while driving. Using a shorter (optional) whisk you give the lowest band, but can use other band while driving. Once at the top, the whip can be installed again.

Model Little Tarheel II M200A-HP M300A  
Frequency range 3.5-54 3.4-28 1.7-30 MHz
Length lower section 40 120 90 cm
Diameter lower section 40 50 50 mm
Length of whip 80 180 180 cm
Total length on highest frequency 1.2 3.1 2.8 m
Total length on lowest frequency 1.75 3.6 3.4 m
Max. power load 200 1500 250 W PEP
SWR typ. < 1.5 < 1.5 < 1.5  
Weight 0.9 3.8 3.8 kg


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Tarheel M300A motorized HF antenna

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