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Coming soon Spiderbeam fishing rod

Especially developed for portable use on the low bands 80 and 160 m. Ideal for the construction of various wire antennas, such as 80/160 m vertical rows, inverted Vee or inverted L antennas. Many DX-peditions are using these trees to construct a 4 square antenna for 80 or 40 meters. To 80 m 4-square screens can be set in about an hour. Ideal for light 1 elem. Quad or delta loops for 40 to 10 m.

One person can set up a tree in minutes.

Low weight, very solid bottoms (diameter 73 mm, wall thickness 2 mm), height 10 m 1 mm to 50 mm in diameter, even wall thickness. light segments on top (thickness 1 mm) for proper balance. Reinforced rolling technique-many layers of fiberglass in different directions-results in significantly stronger segments. All shafts are provided with a set of stainless steel clamps held.

full height18 m
Transport dimension1.7 m
Weight6.8 kg
Lower/upper diameter73/4 mm
Wall thickness of bottom/top2/1 mm
Number of segments12
Materialglass fiber
ColorBlack, UV resistant

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Spiderbeam fishing rod

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