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Spiderbeam 20 17 15 12 10m HD

The "Spiderbeam" is a lightweight directional suitable for portable operation. Thanks to the lightweight glass fiber extraction and special antenna wire, it can be reduced to a length of 120cm only. With only 9kg of weight it is ideal for dx-peditions.
Optimized version 2: The new version is also much easier to assemble and many details have been improved. Glass fiber elements are no longer telescopes but tubular sections, so they can not erroneously 'pull out'. so the lengths of the elements are fixed and constant.Although the insulators are ready, and do not need more epoxy glue. The wire elements are tight to the Velcro tape (r). The antenna has also been improved by the point of electric sight. The new Spiderbeam is less susceptible to changes in environmental conditions, the bandwidth has been increased to 10m, and the extension to 12 / 17m will soon be possible.

The spiderbeam consists of three yagis on a boom. 3 elements for 20m, 3 elements for 15m and 4 elements for 10m. All this gives a gain of up to 9dBD compared to the ground. Thanks to the 'light' construction, a small aluminum mast is sufficient.

The Spiderbeam is a kit that must be assembled. First of all we need to assemble the row elements with the support elements. Even if the assembly has become much easier, everything must be done calmly at home. .. The setup takes about 45 minutes. Thanks to the use of a special thread and the high quality kevlar guy lines, it gets a very stable and easily reproducible antenna. The feed uses a common balun and is unique for all bands.

Heavy Duty reinforced version for fixed use

So much the success of Spiderbeam that many customers wanted to use as a stationary antenna. When installing an antenna in 'fixed' and 'permanent' mode, weight becomes a minor problem as everything remains so for many years. So the new 'Heavy Duty' version of Spiderbeam was designed, to offer you the best for all types of applications, both fixed and portable.

  • The 'Heavy Duty' version has the following mechanical modifications:
  • Special reinforced glass fiber reinforced elements with double thickness (2mm)
  • Construction of the center plate in double thickness aluminum (2mm)
  • Stainless steel clamps coated with glue instead of Veltro
  • A second support (optional)

No further changes are required! The extra weight is only 5kg. With a total weight of about 15kg this Heavy Duty version is still much lighter than other 3 or 5 band directives and of similar power.


Spiderbeam, Technical Data
    5-Band Heavy Duty
Radius of curvature5m
Boom length10m
Weight (w / o packing)6.7kg7.5kg10.7kg11.5kg
Dimensions for transportca. 120 x 25 x 25cm


5-band Spiderbeam Specifications
No of elements32324
SWRtyp. <1: 1.5typ. <1: 1.5typ. <1: 2typ. <1: 1.5typ. <1: 2
Gain (in free space) [dBD]
Earnings (15m ag) [dBi]11.710.512.310.512.6
Front / Back ratio [dB]15-2020-2520-2510-1218-22
Max Power TX2 kW
Wind surface ca.0.35m 2

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Spiderbeam 20 17 15 12 10m HD

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