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Agree without power supply? Now it is possible with the new SG-211, the agreement has never been so easy. Connect the tuner cable, connect the antenna and ... go. The tuner uses 4 internal AA batteries, which usually last for four years.

With its project up to date using latching relays the tuner absorbs little power. An LED shows the status after the agreement. The wide impedance matching range from 0.3 to 6000 Ω matches any antenna. The SG-211 has output connectors for end-fed wires or dipoles powered in parallel, with few limitations also coaxial antennas. Wires (or rods) of a length of 2.5m can be tuned without problems even on 80m, and 7.5m also on 160m. The tuner can be used up to 50MHz (6m). The maximum transmission power is 60 W PEP or CW, and on the low bands max.30W.

The agreement lasts approx. 2.5 seconds, and once found and 'stored in 256 memories, so' that a subsequent agreement on the same frequency will be 'much faster'.

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SGC SG 211

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