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Semi automatic control unit SDC 102

SDC-102 is a semi-automatic control unit for motorized screwdriver antennas (not just the Tarheel models). Offers 10 freely programmable memories on each antenna position. By pressing a button brings up the location.

Along with memories include the classics up/down buttons to move the antenna freely in any position. A very bright 4 digit display shows your current position. Auto-park lowers the antenna to its lowest position so you can, for example, to enter a garage. The Starter spins counter resets itself to compensate for any errors in counting.

SDC-102 unit constantly monitors the current to prevent damage to the starter motor. The maximum permissible current can be set in the control unit and can be viewed to verify it. 87x80x32mm measure, with mounting holes on the rear panel.

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Semi automatic control unit SDC 102

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