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Out of production Rigexpert antenna AA 30 HF antenna Analyzer (0.1 to 30 MHz)



Rigexpert antenna AA-54 are powerful antenna analyzers designed to test,
inspection, adjustment or repair of antennas and antenna power lines.
SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and display of impedance are the main features of these analyzers that have considerably reduced the time required to adjust the antenna. Easy to use measuring mode, so
as additional features, such as connecting to a personal computer (to plot Smith
diagrams, etc), make attractive for professionals and AA-54 RigExpert antenna hobbyists.
The following steps can be easily made using these Analyzers:
• fast check-out of an antenna
• Tuning resonant antenna
• Comparison of the characteristics of an antenna, before and after the specific event (rain, hurricanes, etc.)
• Making coaxial stub or measure their parameters
• cable fault location
• Ability to measure inductance reactive loads

Specification AA-30

Frequency range: 0.1 to 30 MHz: AA-30,
Entry frequency: 1 kHz Resolution
SWR measurement: field 1 to 10
SWR measurement for 50 and 75-Ohm systems of
viewing SWR: numeric bar or easily readable
R and X range: 0 ... 1000,-1000 ... 1000 in number mode,
0 ... 200,-200 ... 200 graphically
Display modes:
-SWR to single or multiple (AA-54 only) frequencies
-SWR, R, X, Z, L, C single frequency
-graph SWR, 100 points
-R, X graph, 100 points
RF output:
-Connector type: UHF (SO-239)
-Output signal shape: rectangular, 0.1 ... 10 MHz (AA-30) or
0,1 ... 10.8 MHz (AA-54).  For higher frequencies, the third or the fifth (AA-
54 harmonic) are used.
-Output power: approx. + 13 dBm (50 Ohm)
Power supply:
-Two 1.5 V, alkaline batteries, AA type *
-Two 1.2 V, 1800 ... 2700 mA · h, Ni-MH AA batteries *
- max.  3 hours of continuous measurement, max. 2 days on standby
mode when fully charged batteries are used
-When the Analyzer is connected to a PC or a USB adaptor DC with
socket, takes energy from these sources
-133x64 graphic backlit LCD
-6 x 3 buttons in water-proof keyboard
-AA-54: Multilingual Menus and help screens, AA-30: menu and
English help screens
-USB connection to a personal computer
Dimensions: 0.6 cm 22.10.3 (9.4.1, 5 ");
Operating temperature: 0 ... 40° C (32 ... 104° F)
Weight (including batteries): 400 g (14 Oz)
batteries are not included with the Analyzer. Users can purchase these batteries with
a corresponding charge adapter.


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Comparison table
of RigExpert antenna analyzers

Function AA-30 .ZERO AA-30 AA-35 ZOOM AA-54 AA-55 ZOOM AA-170 AA-230 ZOOM AA-600 AA-1000 AA-1400
Frequency range 0.06-35 MHz 0.1-30 MHz 0.06-35 MHz 0.1-54 MHz 0.06-55 MHz 0.1-170 MHz 0.1-230 MHz 0.1-600 MH 0.1-1000 MHz 0.1-1400 MHz
Frequency entry step size 1 Hz 1 kHz
Min. sweep range 100 Hz 10 kHz
SWR2AIR™ mode + + +
MultiSWR™ mode +
Reactance sign measurement +
Antenna connector type SMA UHF (SO-239) type N
Output power +13 dBm -10 dBm
Output amplifier CMOS logic chip
Output signal shape square
Reference impedance for SWR measurement 25, 50, 75, 100 Ohm 50, 75 Ohm 25, 50, 75, 100 Ohm 50, 75 Ohm 25, 50, 75, 100 Ohm 50, 75 Ohm 25, 50, 75, 100 Ohm
Analog-to-digital converter 10-bit 12-bit 10-bit 12-bit 10-bit 16-bit
Batteries two AA three AA four AAA three AA
Battery voltage sensor +
Operation with external power supply (without battery) Ext. 5V from USB
LCD Monochrome, 128×64 Color TFT, 320×240 Monochrome, 128×64 Color TFT, 320×240 Monochrome, 128×64 Color TFT, 290×220 Color TFT, 320×240
Time Domain Reflectometer mode – * Built-in
Flash memory for storing graphs 10 memory slots 100 memory slots 10 memory slots 100 memory slots 90 R/X or SWR memory slots, 10 TDR memory slots
Multilingual support English only +
Presets for radio amateur bands +

Rigexpert antenna AA 30 HF antenna Analyzer (0.1 to 30 MHz)

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