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PSU 1228 Dig Alimentatore switching 28A Max

These power supplies offer in a small case all amateur radio needs. Power supplies are switching to 13.8 V fixed or variable output voltage between 9 and 15V. The maximum current can be up to 28A (PSU-1228, 20A continuous) or 50A (PSU-1250, 40A continuous). This is sufficient for all transceivers 100W. The fan is temperature controlled. With little effort the fan does not work at all, the PSU-12xx is absolutely quiet. Only with a longer and higher load the fan starts running to cool the internal electronics. In cases where you are experiencing interference, the PSU-12xx offers a control that shifts the frequency of birds, if necessary. Back-lit tool shows (selectable) voltage or current. All controls are conveniently located on the front, rear and DC are connectors 230VAC. The PSU-1228 has the same front panel size and graphics well known SX-series SWR/power meters and therefore fits perfectly in the ham shack. The PSU-1250 has the same design, but is a bit larger.

Technical Data
PSU-1228 DIG.PSU-1250
Input voltage180-240 VAC220 VAC
Output voltagefixed 13.8 V or 9-15V adjustable
Output voltage adjustment< 2%
ProtectionShort circuit, limited to 28.Short circuit, limited to 50A
Output current28th continuous, 20A max.50A max., 40A continuous
Ripple (residual ripple)< 80mVpp at the cargo was
Fuse (Primary)5A8A
Dimensions (without controls)155 x 70 x 205mm (Wxhxd)85 x 195 x 280 mm (Wxhxd)
WeightCA. 1.5 kgCA. 2.5 kg

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PSU 1228 Dig Alimentatore switching 28A Max

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