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Not available PALSTAR AT 2KD manual tuner 2000 Watt

The Palstar tuner AT-2 k is a tuner manual antenna for shortwave and 6 m. Using the trand controls (2 x variable capacitor, inductor 1 x roll) results are very accurate tuning and precisely reproducible. Varicap diodes are tuned by a reduction 6:1, the inductor smooth roller running through a large hand crank. These components must therefore at its maximum transmit power permitted very high resistance voltage 2000W PEP. 20-1500 Ω impedance varies for 1.8 frequencies -30 MHz, the impedance 6 m is a little less. 

Connect with how to pass two different antennas either directly or through the tuner to the transceiver. An additional outlet to connect balanced antennas is available, it is recommended that an optional 4:01 current balun (not included). Double cross-needle meter embedded view forward and reverse power as well as the resulting SWR. Go to 3000W max. 300 meter from measurement. A "Peak and Hold ' function makes it easier to read the meter. Power requires 12V, max 200mA.

Much like the tuner AT-2 k is Palstar AT-2KD. It is identical in all respects except it uses only one varicap, which differs slightly in design. This makes it easier to tune a bit, at the expense of accuracy.


Specifications Palstar AT-2KD Tuner
Output power: Max.2000 Watts PEP (1500W CW)
HF Band:6 m-160 m
Tuning:1 x variocap, 1 x roller inductor
Antenna switching:2 Antennas, bypass, optional balun
Capacitor:Differential with 1 20 2 stators and rotor — 430pF @ 5.0 kV
Roller inductor:silver-plated inductor wheel shaft and contact wheel on ceramic body
Impedance: (1.8-30MHz)20 — 1500 Ω
MeterActive cross-needle (Peak/Peak Hold) with backlighting
Meter power range0-300/0-3000 Watts
Power supply:13.8 V DC, 200 Ma max.
Size (L × W × H):335mm × 305 mm × 145 mm
Weight:6, 0kg
  • Included in delivery of Palstar tuner ' AT-2 k/AT-2KD '
  • Tuner
  • DC cable
  • Manual English

Only the coax cable is needed to connect radio and tuner! No other connections necessary.

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PALSTAR AT 2KD manual tuner 2000 Watt

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