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Om Power OM4000A

General description and advantages of OM4000A amplifier

The model OM4000A is a auto power amplifier, designed for use on all amateur bands 1.8 -29.7 MHz (including WARC) and all modes.

It has two ceramic tetrode valves FU728F.

The advantages of OM4000A:


  • Automatic switching between bands
  • Automatic Tuning with Ribbon according to segments
  • Automatic transfer of band-pass filter
  • Automatic switching of antenna switch
  • The ability to use 2 different antenna within a band or segment
  • Full compatibility with
    • -I COME
    • -YAESU
    • -Ten-Tec Orion
    • -Kenwood
    • -Icom transceiver protocol using microHAM output devices-CI-V (MK II, MK2R, MK2R +, etc)
    • -Flex Radio 6xxx series


OM4000A specification:


frequency coverage: Amateur bands 1.8-29.7 MHz including WARC
Output power: 4000w on SSB and CW,
3000w RTTY, AM and FM
Power input: Usually from 60 to 90W for full output power
Input impedance: < 50 Ohm, VSWR 1.5:1
Power gain: 17 dB
Output impedance: 50 Ohm unbalanced
Maximum SWR output: 2:1
SWR Protection: Automatic switching to STBY, energy when reflected is 350W or above
Intermodulation distortion: 32 dB below rated power
Harmonic Suppression: < -50 DBc
pipes: 2 x ceramic tetrode FU728F
Cooler: + centrifugal fan axial fan
Power supply: 2 x 230 V-50 Hz one or two phases
Transformers: 3kVA toroidal transformer parts 2
Dimensions: 485 x 200 x 455 mm (WxHxD)
Weight: 46 kg
The protection circuits: -Too high VSWR
-Power input too high
-Output power is too high
-Plate Voltage too low
-Current anode too high
-Too high current screen
-Grid Current too high
-PA Mistuning
-Switching Protection Hot
-Soft start to protect the fuses
  -"Switch-on" to open amplifier
LED Indicators: -Current grid control (Ig1)-2 LEDS
-WAIT-(. 150 sec) tube preheating
-OPR-modes of operation
-Dead-bankruptcy, turning off for about. 2 sec.
-BLOCK-working state
-ANT 1-ANT is in use
-ANT 2-ANT is in use
-ANT-ANT selection
directions bar graph: -Power-LED 50
-Reflected power-20 LEDS
-Current Ig2-10 LED
-Anode voltage, anode current, tuning-30 LEDS

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Om Power OM4000A

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