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New MicroHam USB micro KEYER III

The new micro KEYER III ™ is the first and only USB interface for high dynamic range amateur radio that uses a processing chain, in all phases of the audio signal, to 24 bit. It is also the most powerful all-in-one USB interface for operations with a single transceiver that fully supports digital and voice operation, including mic switching.

Connected to your PC via a single USB port, the micro KEYER III ™ works with any Windows-based log and CAT-control program for CW, SSB, FSK and digital operations (RTTY, FT8, WSJT, PSK31, SSTV, etc. .).

The micro KEYER III ™ includes a CAT port for the control of your transceiver that supports all the most common standards (RS-232, CI-V, Kenwood and Yaesu TTL), a powerful CW keyer with memory that uses the K1EL WinKey chipset , a Digital Voice Keyer for SSB, two audio processing channels for dual receiver transceivers, automatic microphone selection and buffer / sequencer for amplifier or LNA control.

Compared to 16-bit audio interfaces or any transceiver with a USB port, including high-end transceivers from the most renowned manufacturers, the micro KEYER III ™ takes advantage of the exclusive 24-bit audio processing, offering a higher dynamic range (> 105 dB ), preserving the performance of the transceiver CPU that would otherwise be limited by computer audio processing (digital mode) and 16-bit USB audio signal chain.

For the connection to the transceiver, the micro KEYER III ™ uses the same DB37 cables specific for each transceiver, already successfully tested on the MK, MKII or MK2R interfaces and maintains full compatibility with all the log programs and with all the accessories made for the MKII version.

Technical features

General :
Connection to the computer with a single USB port
Autonomous power supply
Complete galvanic isolation between "Computer ↔ Transceiver ↔ Amplifier"
24-bit USB audio via internal card
USB Audio Class standard device: no custom driver is required
Transfer of asynchronous USB audio data
Low internal phase LO noise: -145dBc / Hz @ 1kHz
High dynamic range: 110 dB typical, minimum 105 dB
Separate and simultaneously operating USB line-in and microphone audio inputs
Extremely low noise threshold: <10μV effective
Additional ports: Optical S / PDIF audio output
Bring iLINK for digital connection to iLINK enabled devices
(Station Master, Station Master DeLuxe, SMΩRF) for frequency and data exchange
Monitoring of audio levels in real time on the integrated color OLED display
Silent switching of all audio signals without relay
DSP for all analog signals, including microphone inputs

Radio control (CAT) :
Two CAT ports managed (controlled by CAT protocol) for the simultaneous connection of two loggers or CAT control programs
Manages transfer rates up to 57600 Baud with handshake support
Integrated level converter for CI-V, FIF-232, IF-232 or RS-232
Supports most of the existing equipment on the market Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu, etc.
Tracking function of an SDR simplex receiver (supported by the Kenwood and Icom protocol)

Phonia (SSB / AM / FM) :
Two inputs for headset / microphone and handheld / desktop microphone
Selection of fixed or automatic microphone
Guided menu settings, without jumpers and trimmers
Gain gain, bias, tone boost and individually adjustable ALC support the uninterrupted use of the combination of electret microphones or dynamic microphones
Single loopback with monitor for "TX audio recording"
Digital Voice Keyer with nine messages per bank, max 120 seconds each, unlimited number of banks

Digital ways (FSK / AFSK) :
24 bit analogue input, high dynamic range, very low distortion
Possibility of receiving on double channel
Extremely low noise threshold for optimal decoding level
Front panel with gain controls in reception and transmission
Separate data PTT output for operation in digital audio mode (AFSK) with microphone silencing
Real analogue sensitivity, low latency RTTY tuning indicator (crossed ellipses)
Zero jitter FSK output based on UART
Standard transmission speed 45.45 Baud for HAM RTTY
Intelligent completion of blank spaces between characters for uninterrupted reception
Supports codes with data bits 5/6/7/8 and stop-bit 1 / 1.5 / 2
Input for P-FSK encoding on analog audio
Excellent Keying FSK, protected by hot switches
Handling polarization in adjustable FSK
Control for PS / 2 keyboard for stand-alone FSK broadcasts with advanced functions
Nine user-programmable FSK memories

CW :
Use the original WinKey ™ chipset
Control of the manipulation speed with potentiometer on the front panel
Selectable side-tone for external speaker with "paddle tone only" function
Individual side-tone for "TX audio recording"
Accurate control for audio-based Q-CW encoding
Control for PS / 2 keyboard for CW "memory keyer" stand alone with type-ahead function
Nine CW user programmable memories
Automatic contact numbering during independent logger contest (Field Day style)

Other :
1 Watt amplifier for monitor / sidetone speaker
Main OLED display
Isolated and high voltage optoMOS PA and LNA coding outputs, without relay
CI-V output for the control of CI-V compatible RF amplifiers or other accessories
Serial output for the control of dynamic antennas

Through the user presets it will be possible to recall all the parameters for the independent operation of different logging or CAT-control programs
Optimized for future connections via "Remote Control Suite"
Filter for maximum RFI immunity
Metal / aluminum case, powder-coated and silk-screened


Data sheet

2.0 full speed - opto-isolated
USB: less than 10mA; External power supply: 450 mA (16V max)
Connection with transceivers
RXD, TXD, (RTS, CTS) max. 57600Bd - levels: TTL, inverted TTL, open collector bus, RS232
Auxiliary door
TTL RxD, TxD - 19200 maximum baud
CI-V port
open collector bus - 19200 baud max
open collector, max 30V / 400mA
open collector, max 30V / 400mA - supports data length 5/6/7 bit, 1 / 1.5 / 2 bit stop, up to 300 Bd
open collector, max 30V / 400mA
open collector, max 30V / 400mA
optoMOS, max. 300VAC / VDC @ 0.1A
optoMOS, max. 300VAC / VDC @ 0.1A
Pedal switch
input, active when shorted to ground, max. 1 mA at 5V
Audio output
600 Ohm, max. 1.5Vp-p AC coupled
Audio input
10K Ohm, max 5Vp-p dual channel (Stereo)
W 232mm x H 44mm x 105mm
1300 g

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MicroHam USB micro KEYER III

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