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MicroHam Micro keyer 2


The microKEYER-II is a highly integrated station controller that supports all operating modes. Whether you love the voice, digital modes or the CW, microKEYER II will support you.

The integrated USB sound card has a number of advantages: firstly offers a better signal-to-noise ratio than most built-in soundcards; Secondly has greater dynamic. These features are very useful for better decoding of weak signals. Finally the sound card in your PC remains free for its original function (system sounds, etc.) and the connection between the interface and the PC is made through the USB cable. Integrated sound card in two separate audio channels and microKEYER-II supports so the receivers "main" and "void" or two separate radio.

In addition to the already well-known features like CAT interface/CI-V universal, sequence control for the PA and LNA PTT foot support, the optional PS/2 keyboard connector (not USB), K1EL WinKey chip to a manipulation of the microKEYER II CW extremely precise, offers other cool features:

The LCD display is configurable and shows, such as the data transmitted in CW or RTTY, CW, the current speed or the operating frequency of the transceiver. Very useful in configuring the interface and DX.

An additionalCI-V connection , which works in parallel with the usual CAT interface, facillita the integration of other devices such as ICOM ICOM amplifier PW-1, even if the apparatus is not ICOM!

Another additional serial port allows easy integration of other devices, such as the controller of automatic, or tuner SteppIR antenna or Ultrabeam-very useful.

The characteristics of the microKEYER II in detail:


  • Integrated USB sound card with high dynamics and excellent S/N ratio for better reception
  • Two audio channels for receivers Main/Sub
  • Microphone interfacing to new project to allow the use of almost every type of microphone
  • Two microphone supported connections simultaneously (e.g. microphone mic and headset)
  • Simplified control and audio source selection
  • Continuously adjustable microphone gain, separated for two microphones
  • Automatic selection of microphone
  • Sufficient output power to drive a headset for use with Echolink, VoIP, Skype etc.
  • 2 Watt amplifier to drive a external speaker
  • Separate volume controls for the CW sidetone, DVK and AFSK
  • The front display shows the status (recording, playback) sound card
  • Automatic microphone muting when used in digital modes


  • Sequence controller for LNA/PTT switches correctly a preamp or receiver antenna.
  • Support of the VOX switch for PA
  • Direct support for QSK with PA
  • Digital automatic switching PTT VOX when the audio signal is sent from the sound card
  • Inhibition of PTT to avoid transmission in critical condition (chain drive not ready)
  • The relay faster (3ms)


  • Using the precise K1EL Winkey really handling chips
  • Paddle interface with integrated debounce
  • Visual indication of keyer speed
  • Optional paddle sidetone is only '
  • Displaying the characters transmitted in CW
  • Automatic counting of serial number in the contest
  • Supports PS/2 (not USB) keyboards or keypads for recalling memories

FSK & Digital

  • Low noise, high gain audio chain with unrelated amplification controls for a taste of weak signal decoding.
  • Automatic selection of audio inputs for digital modes
  • Display of the data transmitted (only FSK RTTY)

Other functions

  • Two-line LCD display, customizable and with adjustable backlight
  • Separate control power connectors
  • Separate ignition switch
  • CI-V output with simulation of "transceive data" to connect the amplifier ICOM IC-PW1 to equipment not ICOM
  • Serial port to simulate antenna/tuner protocols (supports SteppIR, Ultrabeam, antenna tuner)
  • Storage control through FH-1/FH-2 or equivalent
  • Use the same cables DB37 of microKEYER

Note: microKEYER II is a hardware device-"fully supports" a radio when microHAM makes available a set of cables designed to interface microKEYER II for specific input/output signals of the device. Due to the differences in Protocol implemented in various kinds of apparatus, the support software (microHAM USB Device Router) may not implement the decoding mode adjustment and/or frequency, automatic selection of the mode, automatic mode configuration depending on the bandwidth, and/or the FSK for all supported radio.

Automatic selection of the operating mode in function of the gang is an improvement of the user interface. The characteristic of microHAM USB Device Router to support automatic selection of operational configuration does not mean that a specific apparatus is (or is not) supported.


Prices, images and descriptions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change during construction of the supplier.

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MicroHam Micro keyer 2

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