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Network controller for controlling larger stations using multiple Antenna Switches,
Stacks, Rotators, SteppIR antennas, Amplifiers,
or UltraBeam Automatic
and other devices.

Station Master DeLuxe ™ is big brother of regular Station Master ™ and has all its capabilities but provides more ergonomic user interface with large LCD 240x64, a lot of buttons and stacked antenna support.  Station Master DeLuxe is designed for large single radio stations with multiple rotators and stacks, advanced SO2R stations requiring full control and ergonomic setup for each position, and all multi radio station setups.

The thing that makes Station Master DeLuxe (SMD) really different, is network operation. SMD multiple units can be linked over a reliable, low latency "uLink ™" bus (RS-485) independent of the computer LAN networks. The uLINK ™ supports up to bus 31 SMDs (15 SO2R operating positions or 31 single radio operating positions).  Each linked SMD can simultaneously control up to 128 uLink ™ modules.  The total length of the uLINK ™ bus can be up to 1.2 km (4000ft) using CAT5 cable – enough to comfortably link to complete multi-op station including the antenna farm.  The uLINK ™ modules are small, remote, dedicated function outputs relay module, RS232 port module boxes, rotator control module, and stepper motor module, to control devices like antenna switches, stack switches, receive antennas switch boxes, rotator controllers, motors, matching networks, and more.

Station Master Deluxe includes a user configurable system of hierarchical priorities and lockouts which allows sharing final devices by multiple stations without collisions and damage.


  • Fully standalone operation, independent of the computer and LAN.
  • Compatible with all microHAM "keyers".  Advanced integration with MKII and MK2R +.
  • Maintains separately three paths for antenna: RX1, RX2, and TX.
  • Support for stacked antennas including complex stacking topologies (e.g., stacked stacks).
  • Intelligent rotator control including parallel control of multiple rotators, automatic sequenced control of rotators on the same tower, rotator over rotator, or rotator on rotary tower installations.
  • Special support for receive antennas (antenna sharing one among multiple stations)

and a lot more, please refer to SMD manual

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