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MFJ-993B 300W automatic antenna tuner

The MFJ-993B is an automatic antenna tuner for lines in coaxial cable or parallel descents. He built a power meter and one of SWR, switch to two antennas and a balun 4:1. The impedance values range from 6 to 1600 Ω from 1.8 to 30MHz. 2000 memory locations are possible and accelerating so the tuning process when working on a frequency already previously used. The agreement begins as soon as it is applied to the transmit power, and it is also possible to manual tuning.
Analog instrument shows the value of the SWR, likewise an LC display highlights the SWR, power, frequency, and other information. Very useful for deaf people's feedback on the values of the SWR. The Max power 300W PEP SSB, 150W CW
Optional cable allows the connection of the interface 5124I MFJ-tuner to any rig Icom 4 pin connector with (eg. IC-706, IC-7456Pro IC-756Pro/2/3, and many others). Via this cable handles the tuner and it is powered.

The apparatus of Kenwood and Yaesu are connected with cables MFJ-5124K (Kenwood) and MFJ-5124Y (Yaesu). Since these rigs require a more complex control, the cable includes electronic components which make it more expensive.

993RC the Remote trrovi MFJ-clicking HERE

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MFJ-993B 300W automatic antenna tuner

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