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Not available MFJ 266C analyser ROS

Compact HF antenna meter up to 70 cm UHF.

ROS Analyzer MFJ-266B covers bands ranging from HF, to the FM band, up to 2 meters and 70 cm UHF. The backlit LCD shows frequency simultaneously, ROS and the impedance (real and imaginary, absolute magnitude). In addition, this tool can measure capacitance, inductance, field strength and frequency and acting even as a signal generator. Allows you to easily make all measurements of antenna as well as the usual measures in HF cables, stub, filters & balun. Besides the MFJ-266B is easy to use.

Frequency range
The MFJ-266B covers the following frequency ranges:

  • A: 1.5 — 2.7 MHz
  • B: 2.5 — 4.8 MHz
  • C: 4.6 — 9.6 MHz
  • D: 8.5 — 18.7 MHz
  • And: 17.3 — 39 MHz
  • F: 33.7 — 65 MHz
  • V: 85 — 185 MHz
  • U: 300 — 490 MHz

The frequency adjustment is confirmed with great precision by a varicap diode, even with 10 x. Tuning can also be locked to prevent accidental changes.

Measurement of ROS
The measurement of ROS covers the range from 1:1 to 9.9:1, 500 Ω impedance ranges from 10 to, and except in UHF is displayed both the real part that whose imaginary part.

Capacitance and impedance
Condensers and impedances from unknown value can be checked easily with the MFJ-266B, displays it in pF or µH. The measurement is made at HF, not as to the frequencies AF like most cheap LC bridges.

Frequency measurement and field strength
When you use the MFJ-266B as frequency meter, measure frequencies up to 500 MHz selectable between 1 kHz resolution and 100 Hz. In this way the relative field strength appears, allowing interesting comparative measurements of antennas, oscillators, transmitters, etc.

Signal generator
The MFJ-266B can also be used as a signal generator. This feature is very useful for measuring filters, mixer or low power driver stages. The exit is about 2Volt. pp.

Size, Weight, Power
Dimensions 95 x 79 x scanner ROS are 165 mm (l x w x h), weight is about 800 gr. Power can be derived from both internal and external 4 AA batteries from a 12 Volt power supply continuously. The absorption is about 30 but when used as a frequency counter, or 140 but when used as the Analyzer. The antenna connector is N female adapter and at PL is included. The coils Grip-Dip MFJ-66 (see above) can also be used with the MFJ-266B.

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MFJ 266C analyser ROS

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