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MFJ 2286 telescope antenna

The vertical antenna MFJ-2286 consists of a 5 m stainless steel telescope and a load coil with variable taps. Due to the large length of the bobbin and high-Q coil, the resulting vertical antenna has high efficiency while remaining easily portable and with a low weight. The length of the transport is 71 cm, the weight is approx. 2kg.

The MFJ-2286 Portable Short Crown Antenna can be used from 7 to 55 MHz (40 to 6m), with some compromises even at 5 MHz (60m). When executing lower bands from 40 to 17 m, the included radials must be used. When working on bands of 15m or more, the radials must be shortened or removed. To adjust the best SWR, you need to change the coil taps and / or change the length of the telescope. Usually a SWR of 2: 1 or better, in many cases even a ratio of 1.5: 1 can be achieved. It is advisable to use a coaxial bush to prevent HF radiation from the shoield of the coaxial cable.

All threads are 3/8 ", making it easier to combine this antenna with other antenna elements of other systems, such as Buddipole, Chameleon or other MFJ products. The copper radials are 360 ​​cm long, the radio connection is a PL jack The maximum load is about 100W.

  • Included in the MFJ-2286 shipment
  • Stainless steel whips, c. 480cm long
  • Reel with taps, c. 22 centimeters
  • Mounting clamp with PL socket (MFJ-342T)
  • 4 radial pieces c. Length of 360cm, copper, with rubber

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MFJ 2286 telescope antenna

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