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MFJ 226 antenna Analyzer

Portable antenna Analyzer with graphic display, up to 230 MHz.

The MFJ-226 is an antenna Analyzer battery for 1-230 MHz frequency range. Thanks to it # s design as a vector Network Analyzer (VNA) the MFJ-226 is capable of measuring complex values and present the results graphically as a Smith chart. Possible measures are SWR, complex impedance (resistance and reactance signed), phase angle, return loss and much more.

Another important feature of the Analyzer MFJ-226 is the ability to calibrate the system. With a measure of open, short and load (OSL) best accuracy is achieved. Further losses existing cable and phase shifts can be deleted from a measurement. The calibration data can be saved for later recall for four different configurations.

For the measurements the MFJ-226 has 32 memories. This is very useful when making measurements on the road, then you can transfer the data to a computer measuremnt range. Measurements are taken either in "single frequency mode" at a fixed frequency, or "sweep frequency mode" while sweeping between two corner frequencies. The latter mode allows measurement and SWR graph display an entire frequency band. Measurements can also be performed b cntrol computer via USB.

The Analyzer MFJ-226 has a graphic LCD display and an easy-to-use backlit keyboard, either. A USB port is used to transfer the measurement data to the computer as well as for firmware updates. Feeding is done by two AA cells. The solid case is suitable for field use. Dimensions of 165 x 80 x 226 is MFJ-32 mm, weight Inc. batteries is c. 300 g.

Technical Data MFJ-226
Frequency Range1-230 MHz, continous
Frequency Resolution1 Hz
Antenna ConnectorN type, female
Output Level+ 10dBm (typ.)
Harmonics-15dBc (typ.)
LC DisplayMonochrome, backlit 128 x 64 px,
Weightc. 300 gr (including batteries)
Power Supply2 AA cells, Alkaline or NiMH
Computer InterfaceUSB Mini-B socket

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MFJ 226 antenna Analyzer

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