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Out of production MAC 200 tuner and SWR meter

Automatic antenna tuner, Antenna master controllers, antenna switch and SWR/power meter all rolled into one. With the MAC-200 you can connect and select up to 5 antennas, three of them, one with Coaxial wire parallel and end-fed wire. The built-in tuiner tracks all antennas automatically. As with other tuners SGC once you find the settings are stored in memory, reducing setup time when the same frequency is used next time. Frequency range -60 1.8 MHz, 1.5 -200 Watts PEP. Impedance range 5 to 1000 Ω, Ω. Requires 5,000 longwire .2-13.8 V supply voltage, ca. 230ma.
Two analog instruments show SWR and power (selectable 20/200 W). Additional checks to ' lock ' and ' reset ', similar to ' SGC SmartLock, if automatic tuning should be stopped or restarted manually.
60 x 170 x 270 Desktop case, mm, weight approx. 2.5 Kg.

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MAC 200 tuner and SWR meter

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