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Little Tarheel II rotating antenna 200 watts

Frequency range 3.5-54 MHz, 200W PEP, max. 1 length, 37m

The model most often required, used when the larger antennas are just that-too big. The bottom section is just 40 cm long and 4 cm wide, the stainless steel has a length of 80 centimeters. This makes this dish very suitable for small machines, without too much negative impact on global vision.

The manufacturer says they should not mislead by the small size of the antenna. In contrast to larger models can be installed on a higher position on the car, resulting in a much better and less radiation losses of land.

If the antenna is used with the Optional Long 1 m LT-56 whip, you will see an improvement of about sqm. 3dB on 40 and approximately 5 dB on 80 m. The frequency range covered is about. 3.4 to 30MHz with a long whip. Operation on terminals such as 20,069.38 (see below) is possible.

ModelLittle Tarheel IIM200A-HPM300A 
Frequency range3.5-543.4-281.7-30MHz
Length lower section4012090cm
Diameter lower section405050mm
Length of whip80180180cm
Total length on highest frequency1.23.12.8m
Total length on lowest frequency1.753.63.4m
Max. power load2001500250W PEP
SWR typ.< 1.5< 1.5< 1.5

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Little Tarheel II rotating antenna 200 watts

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