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Out of production KENWOOD TM D710E VHF/UHF Transceiver


Trx is remote Mobile VHF/UHF Dual band FM with aPRS and EchoLink functions

VHF/UHF Dual Band FM transceiver with APRS and Packet functions Echo-Link

Main Features

VHF/UHF Dual Band FM transceiver with APRS and Packet functions Echo-Link

Supplied With

Instruction ManualSi, Printed Simple Manual in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian & Dutch.
In-Depth Manual on CD-ROM. CableSi, Cable with a 2.5 mm stereo jack plug (for GPS).
Modular Cable for the Control Head

A.d. CableSiMicrophoneSi, MC-59 16-Key keypadMicrophone HangerSiMounting BracketSi, Control with Head-1 x Desk Mount and 1 x Mobile Mount.
Main Body-Mounting BracketScrew SetSi

Specific Mobile AMR

RF output power-high (VHF/UHF) 50/50 RF output WPotenza (about)-Media10 WPotenza Bassa5 WRadiazioni RF output (about) TrasmettitoreMeno -60 's dBCopertura's-Spurious frequency VHF144 MHz MHzModulazione TrasmettitoreModulazione ReattanzaDistorsione TX-146 trasmettitoreMeno modulation of 3% (300 Hz to 3 kHz) frequency Coverage TX-UHF430-VHF118-MHzCopertura-MHzCopertura 440 524 RX frequency UHF800 MHz RX frequency Antenna MHzImpedenza-1300-50 OhmSiPeso1 .5 kg (approximately) current consumption-RXMeno of TXmeno of 13 to 1.2 Aload current consumption versus (Hi-Power), less than 5 A (Low-Power) frequency tolerance ± 5 ppm ( -10° C +50° C) Microfonica600 Impedance OhmsModalità-Operative F3ESiTemperatura-20 F1D, F2D,° C to +60° CAlimentazione-13.8 VDC ± 15% SiCircuito RicevitoreDoppia Super EterodinaRicevitore intermediate frequency-3rd IFA "Band/" B "Band = 45.05/49.95 MHzRicevitore intermediate frequency-2nd IFA" Band/"B" Band = 455/450 kHzSelettività of RicevitorePiu of 11 kHz to -6 dB less than 30 kHz to dBSensibilità RicevitoreMeno, -50 of 0.16 microvolts at 12 dB SINAD (VHF/UHF) Squelch sensitivity RicevitoreMeno to 0.1 µ ± 5 kHz maximum frequency deviation VTrasmettitore-Largo

General Features Amateur Radio

HzSi5 programmable operating Profiles 1750 Tone Burst function (AM Function) 8.33 KHz spacing for Air BandSiAdvanced Intercept Point (VHF and UHF) Automatic Power SiAuto SiControllo simplexSiCostruito OffSiRipetitore automatic Offset (VHF) in the package-1200/9600 TNC bpsSiModalità DisplaySi8 Channel-pin Mini-DIN DecoderSi, PortSiCTCSS COM 42 Encoder/EIA Tones with Tone Scan External functionTNC to connect DatiSiDCS Encoder/DecoderSi, functionEncoder DTMFSiMemory DTMFSiMicrofono DTMFSiECHOLINK 104 Tones with Tone Scan memory channels selezionatiSiECHOLINK sysop mode for node terminaleSi



All the radios contributed by cover normally only the amateur bands. The extension a frequency radio (it is done onthe explicit requestof the customer. The transceivers radio amateurs are usually not indicated for use outside of the amateur bands. In some cases, the radio and especially the amplifier final or output filters can be damaged during transmission to out of gangs amateurs. Such damages not are covered by no guarantee.   Themanufacturer's warranty is cancelledas a result of the extension of frequency. 


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KENWOOD TM D710E VHF/UHF Transceiver

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