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Out of production KENWOOD TH F7E dual band VHF/UHF Wideband Receiver

Main Features

Dual Band handheld transceiver (Main Band) + mid band scanner (Sub Band) 434 2.25 watts of RF power output channels from the standard battery Li-IonFM/FM-wide/Narrow/AM + FM-SSB/CW Reception (470 MHz) Multi-scrolling with Joystick + tastieraAntenna with ferrite rod for Cell reception broadcastResistente to rain, vibration and shock--MIL-STD 810 C/D/E

Laptop Specs AMR

RF output power-(about)-RF output (about) WPotenza High5-Bassa0 .5 RF output-WPotenza (about)-Bassa0 VHF144-WGamma-RX-.05 frequency frequency MHzGamma-RX-UHF430 146-440 frequency-Sub MHzGamma Gang-MHzRicevitore B-100 kHz to 1300 BRX: SSB/cover band frequency 470 kHz to MHzGamma CW100-TX-MHzGamma TX-VHF144-UHF430-146 440 MHz frequency-13.8 V DC-inSiImpedenza OhmSiPotenza UscitaPiu Audio Antenna-50 of 300 mW (10% distortion) correnteDa Consumption 2.0 amps at 35 but diepnde TX/RX mode and power level of 87 x 58 x 30 mm with uscitaDimensioniWxHxD = inclusaImpedenza & Microfonica2 kOhmModalità-main battery Under BandeA-band-F3E (FM), F1D, F2D (FSK). B-band-F2D, F3E (FM), A1A (CW), A3A (AM), J3E (SSB). Operating temperature-10° C to +50° C with standardAlimentazione battery (nominal)-BatteriaDC 5.5 to 7.5 VAlimentazione EsternaDC VRicevitore 16-12 in (nominal) circuits-Double super eterodinaSiCircuito receiver (W-FM)-single conversioneSiFrequenza receiver Intermediate-A-band-1st IF Intermediate receiver MHzFrequenza 59.85-A-band-2nd IF450 kHzFrequenza receptor-B-Intermediate band-1st IF Intermediate B-band MHzFrequenza receiver-57.60-2nd IF450 kHzSensibilità receiver ( -40 dB) less than 28 kHzSensibilità receiver ( -6 dB) over 12 kHzSensibilità Ricevitoremeno of SINADSensibilità to 12 dB µV receptor-0.18 gang-Bda 7.08 to 0.22 μV depending on frequency and mode (= 7.08 AM from 0.3 to 0.520 MHz transmission range) RicevitoreMeno of 0.13 µ Squelch sensitivity VStabilità transmitter frequency ± 8 ppm ( -20° C-+60° C) transmitter maximum frequency deviation-FMmeno ± 5 kHzTrasmettitore maximum frequency deviation FM kHzDistorsione-N-trasmettitoreMeno modulation of 3 ± 2.5% (300 Hz to 3 kHz) transmitter modulation mode-TrasmettitoreHi/Low/modulazioneSiRadiazioni ballast the Spurious ELow = less than -50 -60 dB/dB/- dBPeso250 40 grams (with battery standards, antenna and rear belt)

General Features Amateur Radio

Function LCD AlfanumericoSiAntenna HzSi2 memorieSiDisplay channel call Tone Burst 1750 SocketSMAAttenuatoreSiAuto Power OffSiRipetitore SiControllo simplexSiCanale automatic automatic Offset (VHF) Occupied-Lock-outSi


All the radios contributed by cover normally only the amateur bands.

The extension a frequency radio (it is done onthe explicit requestof the customer.

The transceivers radio amateurs are usually not indicated for use outside of the amateur bands. 
In some cases, the radio and especially the amplifier final or output filters can be damaged
during transmission to out of gangs amateurs.
Such damages not are covered by no guarantee. 

 Themanufacturer's warranty is cancelledas a result of the extension of frequency. 

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KENWOOD TH F7E dual band VHF/UHF Wideband Receiver

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