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Kenwood TH D74E d-star digital analog portable transceiver

The TH-D74E combines many technological achievements of the past few years for the first time in a portable radio. Kenwood TH-D74E has also developed a comprehensive support built-in TNC and APRS. A GPS antenna is installed. Also, in addition to traditional FM operation, the ability to D-Star from QRV. D-Star is a digital transmission mode which is headed by the JARL for over 10 years. D-Star allows networking of relays on the Internet and then a global communication on VHF and UHF. hundreds worldwide D-Star repeaters are running. The decision by Kenwood to force anybody own digital mode, but to adhere to an established system, is expressly to be welcomed. An additional appropriation of amateur radio digital scene is avoided.

Radio TH-D74E comes as a true dual bander with dual tuners. It enables simultaneous operation of both the receiver on a PC or on separate tapes. The band is used only on amateur bands 2 m and 70 cm (Tx/Rx), Group B has to go against a receiver continues from 100 kHz to 524 MHz. Not only are demodulated FM and AM but even WFM, SSB and CW! Up to 20 Hz tuning steps are for a powerful scanner for nothing. A variety of shops allowed entries from all your favorite stations, and of course with the alphanumeric name.

The large colour display of TH-D74E is easy to read, even in broad daylight. The flat keys are convenient and safe to use. Insist on a trip to the mountains, even in hard everyday function, for example, the device is spitzwassergeschützt IP54/55° Speaking Tour: the TH-D74E can also serve as a GPS logger. Tours can be recorded on a memory card Micro-SD. A Bluetooth connection enables operation with headphones, for example in the car. The USB interface is used to communicate with the einegbauten TNC. With two freely available programs (MCP-D74, D74 ARFC), storage management and the general functioning with the unusual portable radio simplistic. Power is provided by a LiIon Battery

APRS/Packet Radio/GPS

Displaying data received, even from weather stations

station list, message list


Smart Beaconing

KISS-TNC mode for USB-Kabel oder Bluetooth

Adjustable parameters via the APRS menu

GPS antenna installed

Gps Data Logger


D-Star compatible with existing system

Digital Voice und Mode data fast

Simplex, multiplex, Zone, gateway operation possible

Repeater mode, reputation CQ

Simplified operation from DR (D-Star Repeater)

Easy to update Repeater lists

Improved Klagqualität per SDR

RF properties

144-146, TX band: 430-440 MHz, RX 136-174, 410-470 MHz (FM, NFM)

Band b: RX 0.1 -524 MHz (FM, NFM, WFM, AM, SSB, CW)

V + V, U + U and V + U operation possible

Transmission power 0.5/5/2/0.05 W

12 kHz IF output for programs Deekoder, 15 kHz bandwidth

Switchable Hub for FM and NFM

Feinabstimmung 20/100/500/1000 Hz in SSB/CW

Ferrite antenna for Longwave and medium-sized enterprises

other properties

memory card MicroSD/SDHC cards up to 32 GB

Recording GPS tracks, received data, voice recording, device settings, etc.

32-bit DSP is used as an audio equalizer for Tx and Rx, as well as the IF filter in SSB and CW.

Micro USB interface for communication with the PC

free software MCP-D74 storage management easy

Free Software ARFC D74 for setting and parameter adjustment of rates

240 x 180 px color LCD, Transflective color changeable

Bluetooth (SPP and HSP profiles)

Spitz waterproof to IP54/55

Kenwood Th-D74E


Delivery (more precisely to clarify)

Radio TH-D74E



Aufsteckantenne VHF/UHF

belt clip

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Kenwood TH D74E d-star digital analog portable transceiver

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