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-10% Icom ID 4100E analog transceiver and d-star DUAL BAND VHF / UHF


Compact, intuitive, the new VHF/UHF Dual Band allows different operating modes can be adapted to your needs.

Operation in Terminal mode
Connecting to the internet via a PC-4100E ID Windows ® or Android apparatus, Terminal mode will allow you to use a D-Star Repeater

Operations in Access Point mode
Enables another radio to access the D-Star network through the ID-4100E is connected to the internet. RF power 50 W can be used for an Access Point D-Star.

Flexible installation thanks to the detachable controller
The controller can be used separately or together to the main unit of the radio. Using the cable supplied OPC-837, you can install the controller up to 3.5 meters from the main unit.

DR Function (D-Star Repeater)
This feature simplifies digital communications, simply select a destination name (To) and your Repeater access (From) to be able to talk with other D-Star users. In addition, by using the Reflector, you can communicate through several repeaters at the same time.

Full dot matrix display, easy-to-read fonts and icons
To display as much information as possible, the ID-4100 uses a full dot matrix display. For example the list of repeaters or location data from the GPS are clearly arranged and allow an easy and immediate reading.

DV/FM repeater search function of the vicinity*
This function assists in finding the Repeater and is useful when you are for the first time in an unfamiliar area. The search function of the Repeater closer uses repeaters stored and location data from GPS data.
* To use this feature set the parameters required to position the Repeater. ID-4100E is equipped with D-Star repeaters location data stored, but you may need to enter the data of new repeaters or correct the position of others.

Advanced operation with Smart devices and Bluetooth ®* (iOSTM and AndroidTM)
RS software-MS1 (iOSTM) or RS-MS1A (AndroidTM) allow you to connect wirelessly to the ID-4100E and set at a distance the functions DR, connect to a viewing application on a map and send and receive messages in DV mode. They can also send photos taken with your smartphone or tablet in DV mode Fast Data or DV.
* It is required to install the optional Bluetooth ® in ID-4100E. Some features may not work properly depending on your smartphone or tablet.


DV Mode Fast Data Mode *
Using the entering data in frames vowels, the ID-4100E allows 3.5 times faster data transfer (3400 bps) that conventional DV mode (voiced).
* How Fast Data is not compatible with the way DV DV data communication at low speed.

Wireless operations with headphones Bluetooth ® VS-3*
The optional headset Bluetooth ® VS-3 allow to communicate comfortably according to distance from the transceiver.
The VS-3 remote controls-4100E ID manages with three programmable buttons.
* The optional Bluetooth ® UT-137 units must be installed in ID-4100E.

Slot for inserting a micro SD card
Using the micro SD card (not included) allows the storage of various types of data, including voice recording, voice, TX, RX history log, QSO log and GPS position data. You can insert saved channels and other types of setting and uploaded to the transceiver.

Integrated GPS receiver
The built-in GPS receiver show your location, the location, speed and altitude in the display and can be used to exchange reports, D-PRS and Repeater search nearby.

Wideband Receiver
The ID-4100E receives in the range of 118-174 and 230-550 MHz*. You can hear air-band communications, boating and other communication services for VHF and UHF.
* Range is not guaranteed.

LCD backlight and clickable buttons
You can select the color of the backlight of the LCD and buttons from white, green, amber and blue. Using the night backlight, backlight brightness can change automatically based on a schedule

Other features

  • The QUICK button, allows instant access to a dedicated list with your favorite features, depending on the way.


Features multiple scans for Memory/Bank scan, Full scan, scan, scan, scan, scan Program Program link Duplex, Tone scan, and DR scan.


  • 16 channels DTMF (24 digits).
  • Reporting split tone function CTCSS/DCTS (analog).
  • Receiving aerial band on 8.33 kHz.
  • Microphone handheld remote control supplied with HM-207S.
RS-MS1A Android ™ 4.0 or later* 1 Remote control software for use with
RS-MS1I IOS ™ 8.0.1 or later* 2 Remote control software for use with
RS-MS3A Android ™ 4.0 or later* 1 Terminal/Access Point Mode for use with
RS-MS3W Windows ® 7 or higher* 3 Terminal/Access Point Mode for use with
CS-4100 Windows ® 7 or higher* 3 Programming

for use with microSD card/

*1 applications for Android ™ devices can be downloaded for free from the Android market.
*2 IOS ™ application can be downloaded from the App Store.
*3  The Windows ® PC software can be freely downloaded from the web site of Icom.

Supplied complete with: microphone mic HM-207S, OPC Control Panel connection cable-837 (3.5 m), DC power cord, microphone holder hook-345B OPC, spare fuse, manual.



HM-207S Microphone mic, as provided
HM-209 Microphone mic ANC
HM-232 Microphone mic
HM-154 Microphone mic
UT-137 Bluetooth Unit
VS-3 Bluetooth headset for use with unity UT-137
SP-35 External speaker cable 2 m
SP-30 External speaker
OPC-1156 Extension cable for the controller 3.5 m
OPC-440 Microphone extension cable 5 m
OPC-647 Microphone extension cable 2.5 m
MBF-1 Swivel mount holder for front panel
MBA-8 Mounting bracket for MBF-1
MBF-4 Holder bracket

OPC-2350LUAndroid devices or PC data cableOPC-478UCProgramming cable for USB portOPC-1529RRS-232 connection cableOPC-5898 pin microphone adapter cable


Working range: TX: 144-146 MHz
430 – 440 MHz
RX: 118 – 174 MHz
230 – 550 MHz* 1
*1 Range 430 440 MHz, 144 – 146 – guaranteed
Type of issue: F2d, F3E, F7W
Operating modes: DV, FM, FM-N, AM (receive only), AM-N (receive only)
Operating temperature: -10° C ~ +60° C
Frequency stability: ± 2.5 ppm
Connector/antenna impedance: So-239 (50 Ohms)
Number of memory channels: 1000 regular channels, 4 channels, 50 scan edges program, 1500 ripetitore GPS memory and 300 memories
Power supply: 13.8 VDC ± 15%
Current consumption: Transmission 13A
0.9 to standby
Max volume 1.2 to
Size (W × H × D): 150 x 40 x 171.9 mm-main unit + controller
122 x 29.7 x 40 mm-controller
Weight: 1.1 kg-main unit
0.1 kg-controller
RF power max:
Maximum deviation: ± 5 kHz (wide); ± 2.5 kHz (narrow)
Spurious emission: <-60dBc
Microphone impedance: 600 Ohm (8 pin)
Intermediate frequency: (1st/2nd) 46.35 MHz/450kHz
Sensitivity: FM/FM-N < 0.18 µV (12dB SINAD)
DV < 0.22 µV (1% BER)
Squelch sensitivity: < 0.13 µV (to the point of threshold)

FM> 60dBFM-N> 55dBDV> 50dBSpurious and image:> 60dBAudio output level:> 2.0 W (8 Ohm load, 10% distortion)External speaker connector:2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm/(1/8 ") 8 OhmReceiver sensitivity:FM/FM-N
(12dB SINAD) *
137 – 159,995 MHz < 0.32 µV
160-174,000 MHz < 0.32 µV

230 – 259,995 MHz < 1.80 µV
260 – 321,995 MHz < 0.56 MV
322 – 374,995 MHz < 0.56 MV

375 – 399,995 MHz < 0.56 MV
400 – 499,995 MHz < 0.32 µV
500 – 550,000 MHz < 0.56 MVAM/AM-N
(10dB S/N)
118 – 136,991 MHz < 1 µV
230 – 259,995 MHz < 5.6 µV
260 – 321,995 MHz 1.8 < µV
322 – 374,995 MHz 1.8 < µV
* Excluding amateur bands

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Icom ID 4100E analog transceiver and d-star DUAL BAND VHF / UHF

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