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Only to order ICOM IC FR5100 VHF repeater System 136 174 MHz base station in IDAS

ICOM IC FR5100 repeater system-base station VHF 136-174 MHz fixed station IDAS

Excluded price programming, installation, maintenance and all other customization.

Icom introduces a new series of repeaters designed specifically to deliver high performance and versatility at an affordable price. This series is the first able to offer digital system compatibility Icom IDAS to 6.25 kHz. IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) Protocol, is the digital solution for professional applications, developed by Icom, in collaboration with other companies in the industry, utilizing the communication standard NXDN. In conjunction with handheld transceivers IC-F3162/IC-F5062/F6062 F4162 and vehicular permits the implementation of a complete digital system with high performance. The IDAS system increases the ability of manageable traffic on the channel than a normal analogue channel per 12.5 kHz and allows an easier and less drastic shift from analog to digital system.

Main features:

  • First Repeater compatible digital IDAS
  • Operations mixed digital/analog
  • Doubles the ability to channel traffic due to channeling to 6.25 kHz
  • Container 19-inch rack, low profile format "2U"
  • Chance install a second RF module (optional)
  • Table multiple (16 pairs of CTCSS, DTCS, code RAN)
  • Power RF up to 25 W with 100% duty cycle
  • Display dot matrix and 5 programmable buttons for use as a base station.
  • Connector 25 pin D-SUB accessories
  • Built in 5-/decoder Toni Encoder
  • RF power up to 25 W
    Effective cooling through fan and a high-performance power module allow up to 25 watts of RF power with 100% duty cycle.

    19-inch rack-mount
    The 19-inch rack with handles in container format allows for installation in standard units.
    The height of the container "2U" low profile allows placement of more units on top of each other in the same rack.

    Two RF modules in a single unit
    The IC-FR5100 expected an internal compartment for the installation of a second RF unit (UR-FR5100/UR-FR6100). This allows, in addition to saving space and money, using a Repeater on two fully independent channels.

    Multiple table
    IC-FR5100 booster is able to decode multiple CTCSS and DTCS tones and digital codes RAN (Radio Access Number) to the same channel (up to a maximum of 16 between toni and codes for each table) and retransmits the received signal with a specific tone. This function is useful for sharing the radio channel among multiple groups of users and provides a stand-by muted while the Repeater is used by a group other than their own.

    Encoder-decoder to 5-Tones
    The Repeater can be activated or deactivated by sending a pre-programmed tones 5 code

    25 pin D-SUB connector accessories
    The accessory connector available on the rear panel allows you to interface with optional external drives, eg. LTR/PassPort trunking controller (only in analog mode).
    An operational channel can be controlled by adding a signal from the 25-pin D-SUB connector

    Dot matrix LCD display
    The dot matrix display view (up to 12 characters) the main operating parameters. The 5 programmable buttons on the front panel allow you to use the Repeater as base transceiver station.

    32 operating channels
    There are up to 32 operating channels. Each channel can be programmed on the channel name, up to 12 characters, analogue or digital mode, operation as a Repeater or base station, in addition to standard operating frequency and other parameters.

    Voice Scrambler
    One voice inversion scrambler outfitted band series, to raise the level of protection you can install the optional UT-109R units or UT-110R. Only to analogue mode.

    CW Id
    CW Repeater ID code can be transmitted at regular intervals. Only in analog mode.

    Other functions:

  • Audio Compander to reduce background noise
  • Wide working range
  • High frequency stability (± 0.5 ppm)
  • Priority the PTT (local PTT microphone, external, Repeater)
  • Warning low supply voltage
  • IDAS to 6.25 kHz digital functionality:

    Mixed Analog/Digital operations
    IDAS devices are able to receive both analog and digital communication to the same channel. This introduces an AGA radio with IDAS digital Protocol in a existing analog system. This allows a step planned and gradual digital narrowband communications while still using the traditional analog system exists, an affordable way to upgrade your radio to the new technology of radio communications.

    Doubling of capacity of channel
    The IDAS system uses narrowband channelling to 6.25 kHz which creates 2 independent channels in a traditional analog channel to 12.5 kHz, doubling in practice the efficiency and capacity of the channel. These channels can be used, for example, one configured for voice communications and one for sending the GPS position data or SDM.

    Network interface
    A Repeater IDAS can be equipped with a network interface and can be connected to a local area network or the Internet using an Ethernet cable. The communication range can be greatly expanded by connecting to the Internet and will eliminate the need for expensive dedicated twisted lines.
    When connected to a PC via the LAN or Internet booster can be used remotely (transmit and receive) as a base station or you can deal with your remote configuration.

    Digital trunking (under construction)
    In the near future it will be possible to create IDAS digital trunking systems using the
    the IC-FR5100 resulting in a more effective management of resources through the sharing of various channels by a large number of users.

    Digital modulation for improved audio quality
    IDAS apparatuses use the codec AMBE + 2 ohms that provides communications with crisp and clean with simultaneous data transmission.

    Selective calls, and Talkgroup ID
    You can call individual users or user groups. The Talkgroup when receiving a message shows on the display the ID of group and single unit ID or alias (alias), if programmed. This function is similar to the PTT ID in analog mode, except that the IDAS radio continue to send the ID during a voice communication, so a radio receiver can decode the ID IDAS also coming on channel a conversation already in progress (eg. during scanning).

    Data transmission
    The IDAS system allows data transmissions at 4800 bps (error correction, check parameters etc. reduce the actual number of bits available for the data to be transmitted.

    Digital voice coding
    The IDAS system provides secure communications using a 15-bit digital encryption key (about 32000 codes).

    Ran (Radio Access Number) for digital squelch
    The code RAN provides a digital code to access the IDAS Repeater or for use as a tone squelch digital.

    Additional features:

  • Enter and request for status codes
  • Control State radio remote
  • Warning of call
  • Disabling /Spegnimento/Riattivazione remote radio
  • Call of emergency
  • Storing the last incoming calls
  • Remote Monitoring of the radio. Enables remote PTT and transmits all the microphone is able to "listen" for a period of time is programmable by the installer.
  • Enter data simultaneously to voice communication, such as geographic coordinates of a GPS
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    ICOM IC FR5100 VHF repeater System 136 174 MHz base station in IDAS

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