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-5% Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz


The dual direct RF sampling receiver brings you to a superior performance level.

Innovative Direct Sampling System. Up to 110 dB * (typical) of RMDR.
The direct RF sampling system directly converts analog signals into digital signals and sends data to the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) process.
The main clock circuit uses a high precision oscillator with excellent low noise characteristics. This allows for high-order reception and transmission performance, extremely low phase noise as well as a high Reciprocal Mixing Dynamic Range (RMDR).
* 2 kHz frequency separation.

Double independent receiver. Receives two bands simultaneously
The sub-receiver works independently of the main one. The dual receiver is perfect for simultaneously controlling two bands and two operating modes. Independent AF / RF controls for the main receiver and sub-receiver improve versatility.

DIGI-SEL preselector eliminates interfering signals resolutely
Both receivers are equipped with the DIGI-SEL (digital preselector) unit.
The DIGI-SEL circuit has more steep characteristics than normal bandpass filters, so it can easily erase strong off-band interfering signals such as those of broadcast stations and prevent cross-modulation phenomena.

Spectrum Scope in real-time high-speed and high resolution
The IC-7610 real-time spectrum scope displays both the receiver's main and sub-receiver bandwidth conditions. Provides top performance for resolution, scanning speed and 100 dB of dynamic range. The water-fall screen allows you to find weak signals by displaying spectrum changes over time. The audio scope function shows the FFT and the oscilloscope.





5 kHz to 1000 kHz

5 kHz to 500 kHz


1 pixel minimum *

2 pixel minimum *

Scan speed

Up to 30 frames per second
(approximate value)

Up to 4 frames per second
(approximate value)

Dynamic range

100 dB

80 dB

Dual Receiver


No (Single)

* Number of pixels displayed at 60 dB level while receiving a signal

7-Inch Color Display with Touch Screen Function
The wide 7-inch color display shows the various operating parameters and settings in high resolution (800 × 480 pixels).
The combination of the touch screen with multi-function control allows simple, intuitive and fast operations.

Other characteristics:

  • Intrinsically high speed automatic antenna tuner
  • Newly conceived speaker housing for high-quality audio, enhancing the extreme purity of the received signal
  • SD card reader to save user settings and recorded communications (SD memory not provided)
  • Digital IF and dual digital PBT digital filter to eliminate interference
  • Remote control over IP network via optional RS-BA1 software
  • External monitor connection via DVI-D port

Supplied with: Handheld Microphone HM-219, DC Power Cord, Reserve Fuses and User's Manual

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Icom IC 7610 SDR transceiver 100 Watt band hf and 50 mhz

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