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Out of production ICOM IC 7410 HF 50 Mhz TRANSCEIVER BASE

ICOM IC-7410



This equipment is designed to operate on HF/50 MHz with excellent performance at the top of this category of equipment.


Constructive style invokes the 7400 IC-746PRO/models, making it easier to use for those who have already used such models to transceiver.
The IC-7410 uses a high-level DSP units and a double-conversion superheterodyne system derived directly from the latest technology used in the upper range equipment, such as for example IC-7800/7700/7600 models.
Comes with an initial IF filter incorporated into 15 kHz and can accept two more optional filters (3kHz/6kHz). If the appliance is used with these IF filters, signals received in the way narrow CW and SSB are immune to any interference from adjacent strong signals.



  • Third order intercept point + 30dBm (in 14MHz)
  • Conversion superheterodyne System capable of improving the characteristic IMD inband receive
  • A 32-bit DSP Unit with floating point
  • IF filter is embedded in 15 kHz and optional filters in 3kHz and 6kHz.
  • Large display monochrome LCD
  • Frequency stability of ± 0.5 ppm
  • Simple analyser built-in bandwidth
  • Built-in antenna Tuner
  • All mode (SSB/CW/RTTY/AM/FM)
  • Optional Software RS-BA1 remote transceiver control via IP

Rear panel

1- Tuner Jack


2- DC power Jack
3- Ground terminal
4- Antenna Connector
5- Key Grip
6- ALC in Jack


7- Takeover Send
8- Grip Accessory
9- CI-V remote control socket
10- USB Connector
11-  External loudspeaker Jack


DSP Unit
The IC-7410 uses a high speed DSP units with improved performance compared to the units used in previous models IC-746PRO/7400.
The AD/DA Converter AK4620B produces a wide dynamic range and a higher S/N ratio.
DSP technology developed by ICOM, is the result of over 10 years of study in laboratories ICOM, so we are able to guarantee you the best performance DSP and all digital functions.


  • DSP unit ADSP-21369
  • Internal clock Speed: 333 MHz
  • Floating point DSP at 32-bit
  • Max: 2000MFLOPS
  • Ad/DA converter AK4620B
  • ADC Signal (Noise + Distortion): 100dB
  • ADC dynamic range, S/N: 113dB
  • DAC Signal (Noise + distortion): 97dB
  • DAC dynamic range, S/N: 115dB

Double conversion superheterodyne with improvement of IMD in band

The IC-7410 uses a double-conversion superheterodyne system with an image rejection mixer for the second stage of the mixer. When compared with a triple-conversion system, the double-conversion system allows a drastic reduction of signal distortion, ensuring a high RF signal fidelity say to the DSP.



Third order intercept point + 30dBm (IP3) on 14MHz
The consolidated experience of the ICOM development of RF analog circuitry combined with DSP software technology, gets a value IP3 to + 30dbm template
IC-7600. Even in the case of interference from broadcast stations and other stations with strong signal, the IC-7410 will be able to receive clear signals.



Three filters IF (6/3/15 kHz)
The IC-7410 comes with an initial IF filter at 15 kHz and is also able to mount two more optional filters (3kHz FL-431 and 6kHz FL-430). By varying the amplitude of the first IF filter depending on the operating mode, the desired signal will be immune to any interference from disturbing stations with strong signal. The first filter IF a 3kHz is particularly effective in modes CW and SSB. (fixed about 15 kHz in FM mode)


High frequency stability
A special thanks to highly stable TCXO oscillator produces a frequency stability over a wide temperature range (0° C to +50° C).
This will attract a high stability in the way RTTY.

Large LCD multifunction
The large LCD displays the frequency, the channel name up to 9 characters, the channel number and multifunction tool that includes the S-Meter, RF output, the value of SWR and the ALC level.
The part of dot-matrix display displays the following parameters:


  • Channel name
  • Assigning button functions
  • Band Scope
  • Screen RTTY decoder
  • Contents of memory keyer
  • SWR graph tool

Simple Spectrum Analyzer
The simple Spectrum Analyzer displays bandwidth conditions for quick search of active stations.


RTTY demodulator and Decoder
RTTY demodulator and decoder allow you to get instant message reading RTTY on display. No external drive or PC. The built-in tuning indicator provides a valuable aid for correct and fast tuning even under critical conditions.


Functions for the CW
The IC-7410 CW includes the following features:


  • PITCH control knob CW BK-IN (break-in) independent, thanks to which it is possible to improve operational efficiency.
  • The waveform CW controlled by DSP.
  • Keyers in 4 channels with memory capacity of transmission of 70 characters for each channel.
  • Multi-function electronic Keyer with manipulation speed adjustable from 6-48wpm, ratio 1:1-point line: 2.8 to 1:1: 4.5 and polarity of the paddle.
  • Function Bug Keyer and full break-in
  • Adjustable CW pitch control continuously in the range of 300-900Hz
  • Double input jack for the CW key one on the front panel and one on that rear
  • CW reverse.

Built-in antenna tuner
The instrument tuner built-in antenna operates in the range of 1.9 MHz to 50 MHz, allowing you to tune automatically with low levels of ROS. Variable capacitor allows obtaining higher precision than traditional tuners with mechanical relays. Whenever you transmit on one frequency, the tuner will automatically tune the antenna using the data in memory.


USB connector for PC control
The IC-7410 comes with a standard USB type B connector through which you can connect the device to a PC. Through the USB port you can control the modulation input, audio output, the output demodulator RTTY and controls Civ.
The unit also has a CI-V control jack for remote control.

Large heatsink for cooling
The large heatsink that came with the device IC-7410 provides superior heat dissipation produced by power during transmission with a highly stable output value.


Optional software for remote control RS-BA1 via IP
Optional control software RS-BA1 lets you control your transceiver from a remote location within the home or remotely through an internet connection. Using the IP connection you can also control the amplitude value of the filter, the constant AGC etc.



And also:

  • Built-in speech synthesizer for the announcement of the frequency, operating mode and S-Meter level.
  • Programmable audible warning user bandwidth limit (can be disabled)
  • VSC Function Voice Squelch Control
  • RF Compressor
  • Microphone Eq and adjustable transmission bandwidth.
  • Two types of preamplifier:
  • -1 Preamp: increases the signal level by improving the characteristics of intermodulation.
    -High-gain Preamplifier Preamp 2:.
  • Built-in Attenuator 20dB
  • Audio equalizer function
  • Encoder/Decoder /CTCSS and DTCSS
  • Tlog stacking triple bunk bed
  • Quick split Function and frequency lock
  • RIT and ∆ TX variable up to ± 9,999 kHz
  • Synchronous automatic tuning SSB/CW can move the carrier when switching modes CW/LSB/USB.
  • Pitch tuning and frequency in Hz
  • Scheduled scanning, memory scanning, scan selected canalai selected and scan, scanning in ∆ f.
  • Automatic tuning steps
  • Control circuit for AH-4 tuner
  • Large knobs for the MIC, RF power and Notch

Supplied with: handheld microphone HM-36 MB-123, carrying handle and user manual

All the radios contributed by cover normally only the amateur bands.

The extension a frequency radio (TX-RX) it is made out of express request reviews. The transceivers radio amateurs are usually not indicated for use outside of the amateur bands.In some cases, the radio and especially the amplifier final or output filters can be damaged during transmission to out of gangs amateurs.Such damages not are covered by no guarantee. La manufacturer warranty is cancelledas a result of the extension of frequency.

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