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-6% ICOM IC 7300 BASIC TRANSCEIVER HF 50 Mhz and 70 Mhz
ICOM presents the new HF / 50/70 MHz apparatus with technical innovations and performances that will be the reference point in its class for the coming years.
The integrated broadband antenna tuner makes it possible to use the unit with compact and portable antennas. The 4.3-inch TFT LCD color touch-screen display and the "real time scope" function increase the performance level for middle-class devices.
The IC-7300 is the first device with direct sampling in RF (direct conversion), this technical solution reduces hardware complexity without reducing functionality.
In fact, there are functions such as audio recording, RTTY decoding, IF output, USB port control and a better signal / noise ratio than the IC-7200.
High quality Spectrum scope in real time

A "serious" spectrum scope is no longer a privilege of high-level equipment. The IC-7300's high-resolution spectrum scope works in real time with a waterfall function that provides high-level performance such as resolution, scanning speed and dynamic range.

Direct RF sampling system - A novelty in the amateur radio field.

In place of the traditional superheterodyne circuit, the IC-7300 uses a direct sampling system of RF, an absolute novelty in the amateur radio field.
This technology is found in SDR ( Software Defined Radios ) and other radio equipment. The RF signals are processed through the Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) circuit, making it possible to physically eliminate the mixer and filters and offer high-performance spectrum scopes in real time in a compact sized device.

Exceptional characteristics of phase noise.

Exceeding the limitations of performance and costs of superheterodyne circuits, direct RF sampling tends to reach ideal levels of phase noise.
As a result, the IC-7300, compared to the IC-7200, exhibits better phase noise characteristics of around 15 dB (at 1 kHz offset).
This exceptional phase noise value reduces the noise components of both the received and transmitted signals.

TFT color touch screen LCD display

The IC-7300 has a large TFT color LCD display with a touch screen function. This "user-friendly" interface allows intuitive operations. Using the touch screen software keyboard you can easily change the various settings and edit the contents of the memories.

Automatic antenna tuner built-in

The fast automatic antenna tuner is contained within an apparatus of compact size: 240 (L) x 238 (P) x 95 (H). This makes portable operations simple and fun.

"Easy-to-Hear" sound quality

In order to offer excellent sound quality, a new loudspeaker was placed in a suitable space in the cast aluminum chassis.







Other main features envisaged

  • Voice memory function.
  • Keyer for CW with CW-reverse function memories.
  • RTTY decoding function and memories.
  • "Screen capture" function.
  • SD memory card slot.
  • USB port for function control with CI-V protocol and audio input / output.
  • Cooling system with a large fan.
  • Multi-function tool.
  • 101 memory channels (99 regular + 2 for scan limits).
  • Digital noise reduction.
  • 100 W RF (HF / 50 MHz) - 50 W (70 MHz, European version only).
  • Operating modes: CW, SSB, RTTY, AM and FM.

All specifications indicated are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

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