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Out of production ICOM IC 7200 HF 50 Mhz TRANSCEIVER BASE


ICOM IC-7200


Medium frequency DSP
The IC-7200 uses the latest technology available in DSP circuit on average
frequency, despite



both a middle class advanced digital features are comparable to those of top-of-the-line equipment. AGC circuit management
Thanks to the action of the SDR in the AGC circuit distortion and blocking caused by adjacent strong signals are reduced to a minimum. The AGC time constant is selectable in 3 levels (fast, slow, not included) for each operating mode.
Medium frequency digital filter
You no longer need to install optional filters in the IC-7200. The built-in digital filter allows maximum flexibility in selecting medium frequency filters. You can set the width and shape of the filter from "soft" to "sharp" thus the best filter for your needs.
* "Sharp" filters can be selected only for CW and SSB.


Digital dual PBT
ICOM offers the possibility to adjust the passband tuning double medium frequency bandwidth to various operational requirements by moving electronically limits top and/or bottom of the filter. Based on the settings of two concentric knobs you can narrow or move the entire bandwidth to eliminate interfering signals.
Notch Filter manual
The notch filter manual allows attenuation of more than 70 dB. The strong interfering signals
can be deleted without adverse effects on the performance of the AGC circuit. The operating frequency of the Notch Filter can be adjusted using the front panel control.
Digital noise reduction
Digital noise reduction function reduces noise and improves the signal-to-noise ratio. The noise reduction level, adjustable 16 levels, improves the comprehensibility of received signals in both voice and data.
Digital noise Blanker
The Noise Blanker reduces impulsive disorders such as injection and twinkle in internal combustion engines. Level and duration of intervention are adjustable in 100 levels.
High stability in transmission
The circuit DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) generates a clean signal and improves the C/N ratio. A dual-fan cooling system allows the IC-7200 stable, high-quality output even in harsh operating conditions.
Controllable by PC via USB port
The IC-7200 can be controlled from a PC through a USB port using the ICOM CI-V Communications Protocol. In addition, a voice message and audio received can be transferred using a USB cable. With an appropriate external software (not supplied) you can record incoming calls and/or send preprogrammed messages on your PC.
Speech compressor digital RF
Speech compressor digital RF increases the average power on speech in SSB. Even when the level of compression is increased the DSP circuit that controls the voice compressor RF keeps the audio distortion at very low levels.
Operations on CW
You can work in full break-in, the positioning of the carrier (USB or LSB) and the note of the CW tone can be selected by the operator.



Robust, waterproof constructionWaterproof technology for protection against the intrusion of water used by ICOM in the range of equipments for marine use are applied to buttons and knobs on the front panel to provide a degree of protection against water penetration.
Note: the apparatus is not waterproof the robust design allows you to enjoy the performance of the IC-7200 during outdoor use.


And also:

  • RIT
  • VOX
  • Stability in frequency +/-0, 5ppm
  • Back-light of the display (high/low/off)
  • Interface CI-V
  • Attenuator by 20 dB
  • Preamp
  • Block Tuning
  • Speed automatic tuning
  • Steps 1 Hz tuning
  • Band stacking register
  • Synthesizer -in voice
  • Access Quick split function
  • Speaker front
  • Access kidnapped in set mode

Supplied with: handheld microphone, DC power cord, fuses and manual


All the radios contributed by cover normally only the amateur bands.

The extension a frequency radio (TX-RX) it is made out of express request reviews. The transceivers radio amateurs are usually not indicated for use outside of the amateur bands.In some cases, the radio and especially the amplifier final or output filters can be damaged during transmission to out of gangs amateurs.Such damages not are covered by no guarantee. La manufacturer warranty is cancelledas a result of the extension of frequency.

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